Last specter I ran into rose soon after someone desecrated a nearby grave. Lucked into finding the grave. I salted and burned the bones and the hauntings ended.
— Entry from one of Bobby's journals on his encounter with the specter.
in Southern Comfort

This unnamed specter was once hunted by Bobby Singer.


Under unknown circumstances, this person died, presumably in a method related to betrayal. Upon their death, they became a type of avenging ghost known as a specter.

At some point, their grave was vandalized and they rose as a result. The specter's rampage drew the attention of hunter Bobby Singer who learned about the vandalized grave. Bobby lucked into finding the specter's grave and salted and burned its bones, ending the haunting.

In 2012, Garth Fitzgerald IV found an entry in one of Bobby's journals about his encounter with the specter. This, combined with the general information in the journal on specters, helped Garth, Sam and Dean to identify Vance Collins as the specter they were dealing with and stop him.


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