Hey there, cranky. You were gone so long, I just assumed alcoholic coma.
— The demon to Bobby Singer

This unnamed crossroad demon was captured and interrogated by Bobby Singer.


When Bobby failed to retrieve his soul from Crowley, he sought to find out about the King of Hell's identity when he was a human. To do this, Bobby captured and locked up this crossroad demon in the basement.

This demon was initially unwilling to help Bobby, going so far as to taunt Bobby over the death of his wife Karen Singer, and ask whether he was going to kill Marcy Ward too.

Through unknown means, Bobby discovered this demon's human remains and used a flame thrower to burn them, causing this demon immense pain. She finally gave in and revealed that Crowley's human name was "Fergus MacLeod", and that the demons called him "Lucky the Leprechaun".

Despite being promised freedom, Bobby torched her bones with a flamethrower, burning the demon and her vessel to ash.

After the Winchesters are able to get their hands on Crowley's human bones, Crowley states his belief that burning a demon's human bones to kill them is a myth but Bobby tells Crowley that he knows an employee of his that would "beg to differ." Crowley realizes the fate of this demon and comments that he'd wondered where she'd gotten off to.



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