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These unnamed demons were under the control of the Whore of Babylon in Blue Earth, Minnesota.


As part of her job to condemn towns to Hell as part of the Apocalypse, the Whore of Babylon used these demons to lay siege to Blue Earth, Minnesota. In the guise of Leah Gideon as a Prophet, the Whore turned the townspeople into a militia and provided them with a fake Enochian exorcism to make it seem like they were sending the demons back to Hell. As part of her guise as a Prophet, the Whore would pretend to have visions to direct the townspeople to where the demons were gathered.

Hunters Sam and Dean Winchester, following the massive amount of demon omens in that part of Montana, were attacked by a massive group of these demons, resulting in Sam's shoulder being injured. The Winchesters fled in the Impala only to be ambushed at a blockade the demons set up. As four of the demons assaulted the Winchesters, Rob, Dylan and Paul arrived and sprayed the demons with holy water before they were "exorcised" by Rob.

Eventually the Whore pretended to have another vision and sent the militia to confront the demons at a house five miles off of Talmadge Road where a group of them were gathered. During the fight, the militia members and the Winchesters used rock salt and holy water to fight off the demons and the townspeople "exorcised" several. Six others were killed by Sam with the demon-killing knife while Dean killed a seventh. Outside, after the fight appeared to be over, one yanked Dylan under the Impala and ripped out his throat before Sam killed the demon.

After being told about the situation in Blue Earth, the Fallen angel Castiel recognized that Leah Gideon was actually the Whore of Babylon and explained to the Winchesters that the demons were all under her control. After Dean killed the Whore, her control over the demons was broken and they presumably departed the town without the Whore there to send them against the militia.

Powers and Abilities[]

These demons appeared to be regular low-level demons with the powers of ones.


As regular low level demons, they possessed all the weaknesses of ones.

  • Holy Water - As regular low-level demons, they could be hurt by holy water.
  • Exorcism - As regular low-level demons, they could be exorcised.
  • Demon-Killing Knife - As a low-level demon, they could be killed with the knife.