According to this story she was suffering from emotional distress while trying to raise her three children. She ending up shooting them, and eventually turning the gun on herself.
John discussing the origins of Bloody Mary with Dean
in Till Death Do Us Part

Bloody Mary was the ghost of a women who killed herself and her three children.


Early History

On August 7, 2002, Linda, a 42 year-old women with three children was suffering from emotional distress, and as a consequence she shot and killed all three of her children, before killing herself. When she killed herself, some of her blood splattered on to a nearby mirror, at the same time Risa, Evelyn, and Jessica were playing a game of Bloody Mary in the mirror. The mirror connected Linda with the three teens. She was buried in a graveyard however, so her spirit was at rest, until real estate developers moved the graveyard, causing her spirit to become active ten years later and hunt down the three girls who accidentally summoned her a decade ago.

Supernatural: The Animation

In Till Death Do Us Part, the spirit of Linda Emerson, now known of Bloody Mary awakened and hunted down the three women. She successfully killed Risa and Evelyn, and then tried to kill Jessica but she was slowed down by Sam, who used his hunting skills to stop Bloody Mary, and then she was put to rest by John and Dean, who burned her bones after finding her relocated grave.


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