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... That coin you sent me a picture of, is a shekel of Tyre—an ancient Phoenician coin. It's one of the thirty silver pieces that Judas got for betraying Christ... It's blood money, Sam. There's only thirty coins like it in human history. It's payment for services rendered... The lore says there's only way you earn that kind of silver. Same way Judas did. By betraying the people you love ... It's a done deal.
Bobby about the Blood Money' Lore

Blood Money is Tyre-an shekels silver coin, which associated with Judas Iscariot.

Physical AppearanceEdit

The blood money appears like an old silver coin. It has specific features that Bobby can recognize it as legendary Tyre-an shekels from the biblical lore (the coin details not deeply mentioned). It was thought that only 30 of it in existence, however it is actually quite common in demonkind and carried by The Collectors, and carried by them as payment for betrayal services.



In lore, Judas betrayed Jesus for a bribe of "thirty pieces of silver", resulting Jesus being captured by Roman authorities and crucified. After learning that Jesus was to be crucified, Judas attempted to return the money he had been paid for his betrayal to the chief priests and committed suicide by hanging. The priests later used the money to buy a field for pauper's grave, to bury strangers in, which was called the Akeldama or "Field of Blood" because it had been bought with blood money.

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