Blood Brother is the 5th episode of Season 8. It aired on October 31, 2012.


Dean Purgatory Blade.png There was something about being there... It felt pure.

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After Benny (guest star Ty Olsson) gets brutally beat up by some vampires, he calls Dean for help. Dean abruptly packs up and tells a confused Sam that he's taking a "personal day." Benny confesses that he's going after his Maker (guest star Patrick Stafford) so Dean offers to help, flashing back on the many times Benny helped him and Castiel (guest star Misha Collins) in Purgatory. Meanwhile, Sam uses his solo time to reflect on the life he left behind with Amelia (guest star Liane Balaban). However, when things go bad for Dean and Benny, Dean calls Sam for help, which makes everything very complicated.


Eagle Harbor, Washington

In Eagle Harbor, Washington, Benny follows another vampire, Quentin. When the vampire closes in on Quentin, Quentin is surprised to see Benny alive, since he held his legs down while another vampire, Sorento, cut off Benny's head on their Maker's orders. Benny demands to know where he can find their Maker and takes out a large knife when Quentin refuses. Two other vampires come out and Quentin says that their Maker is going to want to see Benny, but his legs aren't required. Benny tells him that he knows who he'll see if they kill him, and then decapitates Quentin in one motion and turns to the other two vampires.

In Enid, OR, Sam and Dean break into a motel room only to discover that Kevin Tran has laid a false credit card trail. Dean complains that Kevin is avoiding them and Sam reminds him that he did try to kill Kevin's mother. Dean gets a call and takes it outside, claiming the signal is too weak so he has an excuse to give Sam. Once he can talk privately, Benny tells Dean that he messed up and needs help. As Sam watches from the window, Dean listens as Benny asks him for one last favor and tells Dean where he can find him. Dean then goes back inside and tells Sam that he has some personal business to take care of. When Sam objects, Dean points out that his brother took time off for a year and that he only needs a day. He suggests that Sam do some research and try to track down Kevin while he deals with his personal business and Sam reluctantly agrees. As Dean drives away, he remembers fighting with Benny as his ally in Purgatory.

As Sam brings up his laptop, he briefly checks on his girlfriend Amelia's computer records. He hears something moving in the ceiling and goes into the bathroom. Sam realizes that the bathroom exhaust fan is loose.

A year ago, Sam is staying at a motel with his new dog, Dog, and pays the teenage clerk, Everett. Sam notices that the air conditioning fan is loose and offers to fix it. Everett agrees and offers him a job and a room if Sam can fix the fan.

Back in the present, Sam tightens the bathroom fan.

Meanwhile, Dean arrives in Eagle Harbor and finds Benny's car. He takes out a cooler full of blood and boards the fuel tanker where Benny is hiding. The vampire is badly cut up and Dean gives him the blood to help him regenerate. Once Benny has healed, they go to Benny's motel room and the vampire thanks Dean for his help. Dean wonders what was going on and refuses to let Benny dodge the question.

A year ago in Purgatory, Dean and Benny fight off more vampires and Castiel lays his hands on one, destroying it completely. The angel agrees with Benny that his being with them is too dangerous because the monsters can sense him and that he may not be able to use the portal. Dean refuses to leave Castiel behind and says that he'll save him if he has to kill all three of them to do it.

Back in the present, Benny tells Dean that he came to find a Quentin, a fellow member of his nest. He knew that Quentin could lead him to their Maker and he plans to kill the vampire before the vampire kills him.

Sam sits in front of his motel room and works with his laptop. He looks up and sees a woman getting ice from the machine.

Sam fixes the motel ice machine and Everett sends him to work on a woman's sink. He's surprised when Amelia the veterinarian comes in and demands to know why he's in her room.

Dean and Benny search Quentin's body and find a list of names. Benny confirms that they're the names of yachts along with their launch times. He explains that he and his nest mates used to go ashore, locate likely yachts, and then capture them on the high seas and eat the crews. The Maker always rented a house nearby and Dean finds a cable bill for Prentiss Island. As they drive to the docks to get a boat, Benny explains that Makers rule their nests as if they were a deity, and their vampiric "children" come to see them as deities. Benny felt the same as the other vampires until he met a Greek heiress, Andrea Kormos. He fell in love with her and went away with the woman, leaving the vampires behind. They settled in Louisiana near where Dean found his body, but the Maker tracked Benny down and had his minions decapitate the errant vampire while he ripped out Andrea's throat.

The two men get to the docks and take a boat out to the island. As they land, Dean considers sending a text message to Sam but changes his mind. Benny comments the island forest resembles Purgatory and admits that he's having trouble distinguishing the real world from Purgatory. Dean tells him that they're real and that they have to believe if they're going to cope. They find the manor and break in, and split up to search the place. Benny finds a photo of Andrea as she comes down the stairs and calls to him. The other vampires ambush Benny and beat him while Dean doubles back and realizes his friend is in trouble.

Benny wakes up a short time later and finds himself chained to a chair. Andrea, Sorento, and the remaining vampires are there and Benny realizes that the Maker made Andrea a vampire.

Meanwhile, Sam calls Dean but Dean ignores the call and avoids the vampires patrolling the hallway. Unable to reach his brother, Sam checks Amelia's computer records again.

Sam explains that he's the motel maintenance man and that Everett sent Sam to fix the sink. He wonders why Amelia is staying in a motel when she's been in town for three months, and Amelia says that she hasn't yet found a place to stay. The veterinarian tells Sam to go and he drops off the keys and walks away. 

Dean finally calls Sam back and asks what he wants, and says that he's busy dealing with vampires. Sam is aghast that his brother went in on his own and Dean says that he has a "friend" with him.

Andrea tells Sorento to bring the Maker. Once he leaves, Benny wonders how she is in charge and Andrea tells him that the Maker trusts her and that she is his lieutenant. Benny accuses her of sleeping with the Maker and Andrea slaps him. She then tells the other vampires to get what the Maker needs to make Benny suffer. However, once they're alone, Andrea kisses Benny and tells her that the Maker decided to convert her rather than kill her but she doesn't know why. Benny blames himself and apologizes, but Andrea tells him that he never hid anything from her. When he wonders why Andrea is still with the nest, she remind him of how it is when a vampire is created and the Maker takes the role of their personal deity. Benny says that he understands and Andrea gives him a buck knife. She says that she can't kill her Maker, but Benny can since he came back from the grave, showing that their Maker isn't all-powerful. When Benny tells her that he came to stop the killing, Andrea says that once he kills the maker they can be together. Sorento returns and tells Andrea that he's to bring Benny to the Maker.

Sam argues with Dean over the phone about his going in without him, and Dean finally texts Sam the location and hangs up. He leaves the phone on his table and moves off, and a vampire notices the screen flashing and comes over. Dean decapitates it and then turns as another vampire approaches him.

Sorento takes Benny to their Maker, who wonders how his former favorite came back from the dead. Benny offers to show him and the Maker admits that he regretted having to kill him. The Maker explains that he turned Andrea into a vampire for revenge and so that he would have something left to remember Benny with.

Two vampires spot Dean as he hauls away the corpses of the vampires he killed. They go after him and Dean decapitates them as well.

In Purgatory, as Dean, Benny, and Castiel head for the portal, Benny explains that even before he died, he decided not to feed on humans. Dean doesn't believe that he has accepted his humanity but Benny says that it doesn't matter. He figures that Castiel already knows that they won't get out of Purgatory with the angel in tow since Castiel stands out to the other inhabitants like a beacon. As they travel, Castiel spots a Leviathan coming and tells his companions to run.

Sam gets the address from Dean, steals a car, and drives to Eagle Harbor.

Dog runs back to Amelia's room and Sam goes after him. She finds the dog reassuring and asks how he's doing, and Sam says that Dog is doing fine. He congratulates her on her stitching, saying she has steady hands, and Amelia points out that he's kind of creepy. They talk about where Sam is going and Sam figures that she is just the same because she has no one and she's living in a motel for three months. Amelia admits that she used to have someone but now they're gone and she realizes that Sam knows the feeling.

Sam tries to call Dean again without success and speeds up.

When the Maker says that he never lets anything go, Benny points out that he has almost nothing after living so long. The Maker boasts that at least he has Andrea but Benny reveals that Andrea unlocked his handcuffs before bringing him in. Sorento tries to decapitate Benny but the vampire ducks the blade and says that he's learned some new things since going to Purgatory. Benny decapitates Sorento and turns to the Maker, who says that he's seen and done everything, that it means nothing to him, and that evil is the only thing he has left. Benny slams him into a cabinet and tells him to fight, but the Maker insists that he'll die on his terms and that he will live by his story, not Benny's. Benny takes out his knife and says that he's going to show his creator a brand new world.

Once he's done, Benny goes back to Andrea with his bloody knife and tells her that their Maker is dead. She asks where he thinks they're going and Benny realizes that she doesn't want to leave. Andrea says that they have everything they need at the manor and that now they can go back to roaming the high seas and killing victims with no one to answer to. Benny tells his love that all he wanted was to put her memory to rest and burn the manor to the ground, but Andrea says that she's right there for him. He says that what he loved doesn't exist anymore and that monsters like himself and the Maker are what destroyed her. Andrea asks if he thinks he's better than her and he says that they're all damned. As she prepares to kill him, Dean comes up behind her and kills her.

As they go to the boat, Benny asks Dean why he kept his word and resurrected him. Dean is surprised that his friend would think he'd break his word and asks if he's good. Benny admits that he doesn't know what he is anymore.

Dean, Benny, and Castiel are cut off when two Leviathans arrive and attack them. Dean decapitates one, but the other one grabs Castiel. Benny saves Castiel from the other, much to the angel's surprise, and helps him up.

Dean and Benny take the boat back to the dock and find Sam waiting for them. Benny introduces himself to Sam. However, upon shaking his hand, Sam realizes what Benny is. Dean sees Sam going for a hidden knife. He shakes his head and Sam backs down. Benny says that he'll leave them alone to discuss things. Sam just glares at Dean.


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  • In the Hall of the Mountain King by Edvard Grieg

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  • Dean references a novel called Vampirates when he describes the lifestyle of Benny's nest.
  • Castiel openly wonders what happens to a monster that dies in Purgatory, which is supposed to be "Monster heaven." This could be a possible meta-reference.
  • Sam meets Benny for the first time in this episode.
  • The episode is named after the Iron Maiden song, Blood Brothers.
  • While its never officially revealed why Dean trusts Benny so much, Benny saving Castiel after saying how it would be better to get rid of him is presumably at the very least the start of this.
  • The CW's official summary for this episode mistakenly cites Jared Padalecki twice.
  • In a flashback, Castiel reveals that he is a Seraph, a higher species of angels. This is the first time that Castiel's new rank since being resurrected in Swan Song has been revealed.


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