Castiel uses Dean's blood to track down Balthazar.

Blood is an important component in many rituals, weapons, spells, and other aspects of the supernatural world.


Rituals and spells

721 Angel sigil

An angel banishing sigil drawn in human blood.



dead man's blood

Other uses

Jimmy possessed

Castiel possessing Jimmy Novak

  • Angelic Possession: Angels, especially Archangels, typically only possess humans of certain bloodlines, such as the Winchester bloodline. Although this is not necessarily required, as evidenced by Lucifer's possession of Nick, who's certainly not related to the Winchesters, vessels that are not of proper bloodlines will deteriorate over time.
  • Croatoan Virus: The virus is passed on through blood contact.
  • Food: Certain creatures, namely vampires, vetala, and djinn live off the blood of humans. Some demons, like Lilith, also drink human blood for fun.
  • Vampiric reproduction: Humans can be transformed into vampires by ingesting vampiric blood.
  • Demon blood is needed to charge the Special Children's powers, as well as for a vessel to contain Lucifer.
  • According to Crowley, the blood of a demon could be used for a number of "nefarious spells" against that demon for various harmful purposes, such as Hexing.
  • The blood of a Man of Letters or a Legacy can disarm the Werther Box. However, it requires so much blood that just one person doing it will kill that person. Two or more people adding their blood will disarm it safely.

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