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Blight was a god created during the Apotheosis in Corinth, Illinois. He appears to be a god of disease.


During the Apotheosis in Corinth, Illinois, Blight was brought to life by Mythmaker Renee Mendez. Blight appeared to have been created to become a new god of disease. Following his creation, Blight managed to get at least one follower in the form of a man named Bill Wright.

After detecting Paeon in Doctor Lena Nguyen's oncology clinic, Blight decides to challenge him in order to get Paeon's power and become one step closer to being the One. While observing the clinic, Blight sees how Paeon is healing people's injuries and illnesses to get followers and is impressed. Finally, Blight decides to make his move on Paeon within the clinic. Blight inserts himself into Bill, appearing on Bill's chest in the form of a mound of fungus. Bill, either on Blight's direction or genuinely wishing to get away from the god, enters the clinic claiming to want to change allegiances to Paeon.

Upon scanning Bill with his caduceus, Paeon is able to detect Blight's presence within the man's body. Using the caduceus, Paeon painfully extracts Blight from Bill and demands that the mound of fungus that Blight hides at show himself. Blight takes on his regular form and compliments Paeon's racket to get followers. Both gods explain to Lena that due to the rules of the Apotheosis, Blight couldn't just ambush Paeon while he was distracted, but had to outright challenge him. Though Paeon wishes to take the fight outside, Blight chooses to challenge Paeon inside of Lena's clinic.

After issuing the challenge, Blight attacks Paeon who has a hard time fighting the parasitic god. The fight takes them into the hallway of the clinic where Blight appears to have the upper hand before Lena, following Paeon's directions, stabs Bill in the hopes that Bill still possesses a connection to Blight and in hurting Bill, she will hurt Blight. The attack on Bill fails to do anything except enrage Blight who is narrowly prevented from killing Lena by Paeon.

As the two gods enter a stalemate struggle, Lena realizes that due to Blight's parasitic nature, he is likely vulnerable to fire and passes this realization on to Paeon. Paeon uses his caduceus to set Bill on fire and shoves Blight onto the man's burning body. The green-gray fungus that makes up Blight's body ignites as if it was doused in gasoline, severely injuring Blight and leaving him vulnerable to attack. As Blight falls off the table, taking Bill's body with him, Paeon retrieves Blight's club from where he dropped it. Paeon drives the club through both Blight and Bill, killing the god and his worshipper. Blight soon after transformed into a sphere of white light that entered Paeon, giving him Blight's power and healing him from all of the damage he sustained in the battle.

Physical AppearanceEdit

In his true form, Blight has a roughly humanoid shape made out of what appears to be greenish-gray fungus. He has a blocky head, no neck, broad shoulders and chest, thick arms and legs and hands as large as anvils. Blight had only the most rudimentary facial features consisting of dark depressions that were the mere suggestion of eyes and a mouth. Blight was armed with a club that appeared to be made out of a broken tree limb and was coated with the same fungus that Blight was made out of.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As a god, Blight is a powerful being.

  • Body Insertion - Blight was able to insert himself into the body of his follower Bill Wright. He did not however take control of the man's body.
  • Shapeshifting - Blight was able to shapeshift between a blob-like appearance and his true form.
  • Super Strength - As a god, Blight was superhumanly strong. A missed blow by Blight with his club was enough to knock down a wall and he proved to be more than a match for Paeon.
  • Super Speed - Blight was noted to move at a tremendous speed.
  • Invulnerability - As a god, Blight was invulnerable to almost all forms of harm. A fight with his fellow god Paeon dealt him no visible damage until Paeon used fire against him. His own club was the only weapon capable of killing him.


As a god, Blight possesses very few weaknesses.

  • Fire - As a being of living fungus, being burned causes Blight extensive pain and injury though it cannot kill him.
  • Divine Weapons - As a god, Blight can only be truly harmed and killed with divine weapons.
    • Blight's Club - Blight can only be killed with his own club.


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