The Blackbird Motel is a motel near where hunter Sam Winchester was holding the witch Rowena MacLeod captive.


After the situation with Rowena got to be too much for her, hunter Charlie Bradbury retreated to the Blackbird Motel to have some space to think and work on creating a way to break Nadia's Codex. Charlie is eventually able to succeed in developing a decoder for the codex.

Unknown to Charlie, she is tracked to the motel by Eli Frankenstein. Eli alerts his cousin Eldon who shows up looking for the Book of the Damned. As Eldon breaks into her room, Charlie destroys her Surface Tablet, unwilling to even give Eldon her notes. In the bathroom of Charlie's motel room, she is stabbed to death by Eldon. Her body is discovered soon after by the Winchesters.

After giving Charlie a Hunter's Funeral, Dean Winchester returns to the Blackbird Motel and uses its security cameras to locate Eldon's vehicle. Dean sends the image of the vehicle's license plate to fellow hunter Rudy who identifies it as belonging to Eldon Styne of Shreveport, Louisiana, giving Dean his first clue on the Styne Family's location.



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