Black Spur Bar is a bar located in Beulah, North Dakota.


Demon Dean visits this bar and performs a song, to the distaste of the guests. Dean also hooks up with a waitress named Ann Marie. During the duration of Dean's stay at the bar, Crowley is also present.

The bar is briefly visited by Ann Marie's furious ex-boyfriend Matt, who gets chased off by Dean. Sam Winchester later watches security footage of his brother leaving the bar.

Years later, Dean returns to the bar. He converses with the bartender. The bartender asks about his companions she saw him with near the hotel. Dean remarks that one of his companions, Jack, is a messed up kid with daddy issues.

This leads the bartender to talk about problems with her own father, which Dean can relate. The bartender offers Dean another drink but Dean decides to take a walk instead. It is after Dean has left that the bartender's form morphs into Asmodeus, while the real bartender is shown dead nearby.


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