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It's all pretty vague. I mean, there are spectral black dogs all over the world, but... some say they're animal spirits, others say death omens. But anyways, whatever they are, they're big, nasty.

The Black Dogs are a type of supernatural creature.


When Sam and Dean were solving a case involving a wendigo, they thought of a black dog as the creature responsible. Additionally, they also considered black dogs to be the suspects when dealing with hellhounds for the first time. From this, it could be gathered that they have similarities with hell hounds and wendigos. However, Sam said that lore on the black dogs are pretty vague. While some consider them to be animal spirits while others consider them to be death omens.[1] This statement, however, contradicts Dean's earlier description on the creature prowling Blackwater Ridge that whatever it was they were hunting, it was corporeal.[2] To date, Sam and Dean have never encountered an actual black dog.

Pad of Definitions[]

The Pad of Definitions from the official website of the show provides two entries on black dogs. Entry for Wendigo:

Primarily a British phenomenon, Black Dogs are spirit apparitions that generally appear at night. These apparitions can be distinguished from normal flesh-and-blood black dogs by features such as large or glowing eyes, sometimes only one; an ability to disappear or appear out of thin air or into and out of the ground; and no head, two heads or the ability to change their size or appearance.
Black Dogs are most often seen on roads or other places where people move from one locality to another, including footpaths, bridges, crossroads, gates, doors, stairs and corridors. Another common haunt for the black dogs is graveyards, leading some people to suspect that these dogs tend to haunt spirit paths.
Some people believe that a black dog is an omen of death, and that to see one means either you or a family member will die. In ancient European folklore, the dog is seen as both the guardian and consumer of dead spirits; one such belief is referred to as the Wild Hunt, where a pack of dogs and a master of the hunt fly through the sky looking for lost souls. Others believe black dogs are helpful, leading lost travelers or protecting them from harm.

Entry for Crossroad Blues:

A black dog is a ghostly presence found primarily in British folklore. The black dog is essentially a nocturnal being, and its appearance is regarded as a foreshadowing of death. It is larger than a physical dog, and often has large, glowing eyes. It is often associated with electrical storms, crossroads, places of execution and ancient pathways. In Norfolk legend the creature is supposed to be amphibious, coming out of the sea at night and travelling the lonely roads.

Known Black Dogs[]