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Bitch, Jerk is an exchange commonly used between Dean and Sam Winchester. Although it can be used as an insult, it is also used to express fondness.


In "Pilot", when Dean warns Sam not to start any "chick-flick moments", Sam proceeds to call Dean a "jerk" and Dean replies with "bitch". This is the very first time the exchange is heard.

In "Hunted", Sam gives Dean a speech about sticking with the life of hunting, and Dean calls him a "bitch". Sam replies with the usual "jerk".

In "What Is And What Should Never Be", Dean calls Sam a "bitch" much to Sam's confusion, which helps Dean realize that this Sam isn't real and is simply part of his djinn-induced fantasy world. The same incident occurs in the anime version of the episode.

In "Black", Crowley discovers Dean had just slept with a waitress in his room. Dean shows no concern or remorse for his actions, leading the pair to exchange "Bitch, Jerk" with each other. The waitress, Ann Marie, hears this and tells the pair to get a room.

In "Fan Fiction", when Marie gives Dean the fake amulet, she calls him a "jerk", leading Dean to automatically reply with "bitch", which leaves him flustered after she looks at him. However, it was in good fun as she smiles afterwards.

In "Baby", after their conversation about Sam's vision Sam and Dean decide to go back to sleep in The Impala. They bid each other goodnight using this exchange.

In "Who We Are", before Sam heads off to the British Men of Letters compound, he and Dean say goodbye using this exchange.


  • Jerk means a contemptibly obnoxious person or a sudden movement. Bitch, on the other hand, means a female dog, wolf, fox, or otter; a woman considered to be mean, overbearing, or contemptible; or a person in a subservient sexual role.
  • The Bitch, Jerk exchange is one of the most common and iconic phrases in Supernatural alongside Kim Manners' "Kick it in the ass" and Castiel's "Assbutt".
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