And hell, I'm a Bishop! That's what we do right? Hunting people. Killing them. The family business!

The Bishop Family is the family that settled Tomahawk, Wisconsin and made their riches through the deity Moloch.


The Bishop Family settled the town of Tomahawk, Wisconsin and built a meat packing plant there where everyone worked at. Unknown to everyone else, a member of the family captured the deity Moloch and forced him to give the family riches by starving him. Every year from 1898 to 1997, a member of the family, disguised as Black Bill, would kidnap someone and sacrifice them to Moloch.

In 1997, head of the family Barrett Bishop died. While aware of his family's history, Barrett's son Barrett Bishop Jr. had no desire to continue and left Moloch to starve to death. Barrett also began selling off all of the family's properties and let the plant go out of business.

In 2017, Pete Garfinkle, the elder Barrett's illegitimate son, rediscovered Moloch while searching the abandoned Bishop home for valuables he could sell to get money. In exchange for Pete feeding him again, Moloch offered him personal riches. Desperate for money and seeing it as his legacy as a member of the Bishop Family, Pete resumed the sacrifices. However, his actions drew the attention of the British Men of Letters who sent hunters Sam and Dean Winchester to stop him. After learning of the family's history from Barrett, the Winchesters and Barrett teamed up together to stop Pete. Pete was killed by Sam who then killed Moloch with the Colt. Afterwards, Barrett refused the Winchesters offer of aid for cleaning up the mess, feeling it was his legacy to deal with Bishop Family mess on his own.

Known Members

  • Unnamed Bishop ancestors (deceased) - Captured Moloch and forced him through starvation to grant them riches every year starting in 1898 in exchange for a sacrifice of blood.
  • Barrett Bishop (deceased) - Head of the family until his death in 1997. Continued his ancestors' sacrifices to Moloch.
  • Barrett Bishop Jr. - Son of Barrett Bishop. Unlike his ancestors, had no desire to harm people and discontinued the sacrifices to Moloch and left him to starve in 1997. Worked as sheriff of Tomahawk, Wisconsin to atone for his family's sins. Aided the Winchesters in killing Moloch in 2017.
  • Pete Garfinkle (deceased) - Son of Barrett Bishop through an affair and half-brother of Barrett Bishop Jr. Rediscovered Moloch in 2017 and resumed the sacrifices to get his own riches. Killed by Sam Winchester.





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