This unnamed bisaan possessed a resident of Gunnison, Colorado and guarded the unborn bisaans in the mine they were in.

Overview Edit

After the bisaan emerged in 2016 after hatching this unnamed bisaan possessed a resident of Gunnison, Colorado and participated in the mating cycle. The disappearances caused by the bisaans drew the attention of hunters Sam and Dean Winchester

They later teamed up with hunters Jesse and his husband Cesar who wanted to get revenge on the bisaan. Cesar and Dean managed to locate the bisaan lair. This bisaan and another bisaan were guarding the unborn bisaans. This bisaan was decapitated by Dean using a shovel and the other was killed by Cesar. Jesse burns the bisaan lair, killing the unborn bisaan.

The hunters are able to locate the bodies of the bisaan victims and burn them as well with Jesse giving his brother a Hunter's Funeral.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Super Strength - They have standard physical strength like common creatures.
  • Possession - Bisaan can possess people by entering through the mouth and essentially uses the human body as a shell.
  • Reproduction - As Bisaan have no genitalia, they use human bodies to reproduce.
  • Fangs - The Bisaan possess pointed teeth to defend themselves.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Decapitation - Cutting off a Bisaan's head will kill them.
  • Fire - Burning the Bisaan's eggs destroyed them.
  • Sage - Burning sage will produce a scent to repel them.
  • Short Life-Span - A Bisaan has a short life-span of a few days from hatching until death, needing to mate within that time to continue their species.

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