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Cain silences Crowley

Biokinesis is the unique power to manipulate the life forces and energies of another, as well as the chemical and cellular aspects of the physical body.

Pestilence can manipulate and generate illnesses, irritations, molds, infestations, and plagues. The Staff of Moses can generate the Ten Egyptian plagues.

While it is unknown if Eve could create monsters directly, she was capable of producing unique supernatural chemical formulas to turn humans into monsters; she referred to it as "beta testing" when perfecting her formula .

Characters and Objects with this ability[]

Primordial Entities[]

  • God - God was able to cleanse Sam Winchester of his demon blood addiction and cure an entire town of a Rabid infection. He was able to take away Eileen's voice and make her mute temporarily by snapping his fingers.

Celestial Beings[]

  • Archangels 
    • Lucifer - Demonstrated being able grip and damage internal organs to cause pain, as he did to the Winchesters on more than one occasion, and was also able to kill a Secret Service agent by causing the man to have a massive cerebral hemorrhage.
    • Raphael - Stated that he could biologically torture Dean in a "more creative" way than Zachariah.
    • Gabriel - Could mute the brothers Winchester with a hand gesture.
    • Alternate Michael - Was able to cause Sam, Dean and Castiel to have trouble breathing, to become blind and to suffer constant pain. After Jack knocked Michael off his feet with an energy blast, Michael lost concentration and the effects ended.
  • Grigori
  • Seraphim 
  • High-Tier Angels
    • Zachariah - He demonstrated this ability on Sam and Dean Winchester, by removing Sam's lungs and giving Dean stomach cancer.
  • Reapers
  • Nephilim
    • Jack was able to inflict pain on Michael that damaged his vessel and brought him down to his knees a feat never seen before to the point that even Lucifer was shocked.


  • Kali - Made Mercury cough up blood.
  • Osiris - Made Dean stop talking with a mere gesture
  • Zeus - Was able to choke people by turning his wrist.
  • Yokoth - Was able to prevent Dean from talking by placing her finger on his mouth.
  • Mercury - He was able to restore a dead flower to its bloom.

Demonic Beings[]

Higher demons possessed this ability, allowing many of them to inflict bleeding injuries or crush internal organs and to only cause fatal damage if desired.

  • White-eyed demons
    • Alastair - He was able to cause pressure inside people's chests.
    • Lilith - She covered Dean's body with wounds with flicks of her finger.
  • Princes of Hell
    • Azazel - He could cause bleeding by looking at someone.
    • Asmodeus - He was able to choke demons with the wave of his hand.
  • Knights of Hell
    • Cain - He could strip someone of their ability to speak.
    • Abaddon - She was able to cause bleeding from the eyes, causing permanent blindness.
  • Crossroads Demons
    • Crowley - Being a powerful crossroad demon, he was able to make people cough blood, lose their voices, and make their heads explode.
  • Demons
    • Julia Wright's demon - She was able to choke people with the clench of her fist.
    • Astaroth - She could stop people's heart with just a hand gesture.
  • Jesse Turner - He showed this ability when he accidentally and unwittingly gave several children severe stomach ulcers, caused a person's face to become frozen in a silly manually generated expression, and caused Dean to grow hair on his palms


  • Special Children
    • Lily Baker - Granted the power of a "death touch" from the demonic-vampirism, Lily could stop the heart of another being on physical contact, skin-to-skin. This ability limited her contact with other beings after its manifestation and ended after her death at the hands of an Acheri demon.
  • Psychics
    • Magda Peterson - She accidentally caused deadly injuries on the people to whom she psychically tried to reach out from her "prayer" room.
  • Witches and other magic practitioners
    • Elizabeth Higgins - She could influence the vegetation in some degree, making herbs to grow out of season.
    • Patrick - Gave Sam gonorrhea as a "parting gift".
    • Maggie Stark - When pissed off, she can send bad vibes that cause all plants in an area to die.
    • Borrower Witch - She robbed Dean from his ability to speak.
    • Witch Mother - She tortured Sam and Dean by targeting the former's stomach, the latter's heart, and both men's veins.
    • Rowena MacLeod and Sam Winchester - Sam learned from Rowena a spell that causes profuse bleeding, leading to death.


  • Pestilence - Pestilence can manipulate and generate illnesses, irritations, molds, infestations, and plagues. He possesses complete Pathogen dominance.
  • Ghosts (limited) - Some ghosts have displayed a limited version of this ability such as Maggie Thompson killing her sister by inducing a stroke.
  • Staff of Moses (limited) - The Staff of Moses can generate any of the Ten Egyptian plagues.
  • Eve - Eve was able to form new kind of monster species by means of touch.

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