Dorothy casts the binding spell on herself and the Wicked Witch.

The Binding spells are spells used to indefinitetly incapacitate of a powerful being at the cost of the caster's soul. Dorothy Baum used the spell to stop the near-invulnerable Wicked Witch. Another version was used by The Wizard of Oz on Sam Winchester.

Dorothy's SpellEdit

The spell required several ingredients such as various herbs, powders, crushed pills, and blood of the caster. However, the most important involved the soul of the caster. The spell is cast when the target is in the immediate area by closing the jar used. The effect is instantaneous, and is marked by a flash of bright light. Any captured beings will be transformed into greyish liquid. The beings bound by the spell are trapped in the jar, but if it is disturbed both will become free.

The Wizard of Oz's SpellEdit

When The Wizard of Oz arrived on Earth to heal Clive Dylan and himself, Sam Winchester tried to shoot him so the Wizard cast a spell non-verbally that bound Sam's hands and feet with a green energy rope. Sam was completely incapacitated and was unable to save himself as the Wizard choked him to death. The spell was broken when Charlie Bradbury killed Clive and the Wizard.

Sonja's Aramaic SpellEdit

When Sonja caught Sam, she bound Sam with an Aramaic spell, causing him to be bound to a chair. The Aramaic incantation used was:

Hal..! Muth fah. Hal muth fah

This spell required the concentration of the caster. Once Sonja was distracted by Melissa Harper, the spell broke.


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