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Binbōgami is the Japanese god of poverty and misery. Once he attaches to someone, he never goes away until the individual dies or passes the curse to someone else.


At some point, an employee of a casino named Orlan found Binbōgami's coin and keep it until his death, then the coin and the curse were passed to Dean when the coin feel on his chips, Binbōgami stayed with Dean taunting him until Sam took the coin during a heist in the casino and made Katty (one of the criminals) swallow it, passing Binbōgami to her, that was arrested shortly after.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Luck Absorption - He can drain someone's luck until the point they die, much like the Rabbit's Foot when someone loses it, however Binbōgami does not give any luck to his victims.
  • Invisibility - He can only be seen by those he "possesses".
  • Diminutive Size - He is small enough to ride on someone' shoulder, but does not appear to suffer by his size due to his teleportation and semmly intangibility.
  • Teleportation - He can teleport to any place his coin is.


Binbōgami and his coin on Dean's lap

Binbōgami and his coin on Dean's lap

  • His Coin - He uses his coin as a way to attach to his victim to drain their luck.


Binbōgami is a very powerful deity that has shown very few weaknesses, and no way to be killed or stopped.

  • His Victims - Although they can't do any harm towards him, Binbōgami can only be seen by those he curses/"possesses", what is the only breach in his invisibility.



  • Binbōgami is the second deity so far to be related to a cursed magic coin, the first being Tiamat and her coin.
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