Mom, I can't. That's what I've been trying to tell you. I can't. I killed someone that I loved and I'll do it again. I know I will. I can't control this! I'm a monster. So here's what's gonna happen. You're gonna take Tori to the hospital and you're gonna tell them that I kidnapped her. (...) Dad said he was wearing a mask when he grabbed her. Tori won't know. You tell them I took her... and then I ran away. (...) Then you and me... we're gonna go for a ride. That's how this works... right? I'm sorry, Mom. But this is the best way. This is the only way.
— Billy describes to his parents and the Winchesters what has to happen.
in Atomic Monsters

Billy Whitman was a high school student who was turned into a vampire.


Growing up, Billy became a lacrosse player and dreamed of going to Yale University. Billy was so good that he had scouts looking at him to play lacrosse in college. However, under unknown circumstances, Billy was attacked by a vampire and turned into one himself. Billy informed his parents who did their best to keep Billy fed on animal blood and cover up his transformation.

One night, around a few weeks to a month after his transformation, Billy was making out with his girlfriend Suzie when he lost control of his bloodlust and fed on her. Despite Billy being grief-stricken over Suzie's death and horrified at what he did, his parents were determined to protect him and chopped up Suzie's body and dumped it in another location and later kidnapped a cheerleader, Tory, to act as a blood bag for Billy while fighting with the vice principal over postponing the upcoming lacrosse game where Billy had scouts coming.

The death of Suzie drew the attention of hunters Sam and Dean Winchester who learned that they were dealing with a vampire when Dean found a vampire fang in Suzie's corpse. Billy later got a memorial bracelet for Suzie from her best friend who offered to give Billy anything he needs, but Billy is pulled away by his mother Janet before he can answer. Billy later argueed with Janet over trying to help with the memorial, before storming off.

That night, Billy argued with his parents about the game which they were still worried about even after everything. Billy pointed out that he never asked them to sacrifice so much for him, but Janet pointed out that they were his parents and he didn't have to ask them to do it and they just wanted him to be happy. Billy insisted that they needed to listen to what he was saying and he never wanted any of it. At that moment, the Winchesters arrived, having tracked Tory's abductor through security footage of the Whitman's car at the crime scene and Henry sent his son upstairs, the Winchesters believing that Billy's father was the vampire.

As his parents entered a standoff with the Winchesters who had discovered Tori, Billy rushed downstairs to investigate the commotion and found Janet holding a gun on the two hunters. Dean told Billy that his father was a vampire and explained how he figured he was turned. Watching Billy's reaction, Sam realized that it was Billy who was the vampire, not his father. Though his parents wanted him to run, Billy confessed that they were right and explained how he had accidentally killed Suzie. Billy explained how he had told his parents who covered up Suzie's death and then kidnapped Tori to act as his personal blood bag. Henry pointed out how Billy himself was a victim in all of this, having been turned against his will and his parents were simply trying to protect their son no matter what it took.

Though Janet suggested killing the Winchesters to continue the coverup, Billy ordered her to stop. Janet insisted that she just wanted Billy to have a normal life, but he knew that he couldn't. Billy had been trying to tell them that he couldn't live a normal life and had killed someone that he loved and knew that he would do it again if he wasn't stopped as he couldn't control himself, accepting that he was a monster. Billy ordered his parents to take Tori to the hospital and claim that Billy kidnapped her. As his father had worn a mask during the kidnapping, she would never know it wasn't Billy. Billy ordered his parents to tell the police that he had kidnapped Tori and ran away. Turning to the Winchesters, Billy recognized that they were "going to go for a ride" and that was how it worked. Billy accepted that this was the only way and said goodbye to his parents.

Later, Billy's parents called an ambulance for Tori and as he requested, blamed the kidnapping on Billy. The Winchesters drove Billy out into the woods where the crying Billy was decapitated by Dean with a machete. The Winchesters later expressed understanding for what Billy's parents did for him, knowing they would've done the same for Jack if they'd been given the chance.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Billy possessed all of the regular abilities of a vampire.

  • Super Strength - As a vampire, Billy possessed greater strength than a normal human.
  • Fangs - Vampires possess a set of retractable fangs. Their teeth are superhumanly strong and can rip open a human's neck and leave huge bite marks on the corpse of the victim it has fed on.
  • Super Speed - As a vampire, Billy's speed was greater than a regular human.
  • Super Agility - Vampires possess amazing agility. They can climb up walls and jump off buildings without hurting themselves.
  • Super Senses - Vampires have extremely keen senses that are superior to those of humans. They can see in the dark, hear a human's heart beat, and possess an enhanced sense of smell. A vampire can track a human's blood over long distances.
  • Immortality - Vampires can potentially live forever. They can't grow old and don't acquire conventional diseases that affect humans.
  • Invulnerability - Vampires can not be killed by conventional methods, such as stab wounds or gunshots.
  • Regeneration - As long as they have enough human blood, vampires can heal any wound short of amputation.
  • Super Stamina - Vampires possess enhanced stamina.


Billy possessed the normal weaknesses of a vampire.

  • Decapitation - As a vampire, Billy could be killed through decapitation.



  • Burkely Duffield previously portrayed Ray McAnn in the Season 7 episode Party On, Garth.
  • Despite being the antagonist of Atomic Monsters, Billy is a victim in his own way, having been turned into a vampire against his will during an attack of some sort.
  • Billy is similar to Madison in that they are the rare case of a monster knowing what they are and willingly accepting their fate rather than harming other people.
  • Billy is the first character Dean killed in Season 15 and the first since Game Night.
  • As he was likely only turned into a vampire a few weeks to a month before his death, Billy is one of the youngest vampires on the series.
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