So, when Castiel stabbed me in the back, turns out, I got a promotion; new job, new gear.

Billie is a reaper encountered by Sam Winchester for the first time during the Rabid outbreak. After making a deal with the Winchesters in their escape of Site 94, she was stabbed in the back by Castiel, breaking the deal. After her death, she was reincarnated and promoted as the new Death, taking his place, with a new ring and scythe.


Season 11

Billie meets Sam

Billie meeting Sam

In Form and Void, Sam Winchester heard her singing "O' Death" in Nuckolls County Medical Center while she was reaping the souls of the dead caused by the release of the Darkness. She told him that despite being disappointed over him and Dean killing her boss, Death, people were still dying and would have to be reaped. She also told Sam that him and Dean would no longer be able to continue dying and coming back, because while the old Death found it funny, she said that what lives will die. She claimed that when Sam or Dean die, whatever reaper got the privilege to reap them would not send them to Heaven or Hell or even Purgatory, but send them to the Empty, where there would be no coming back. She also told him that he was dying, and was "unclean in the biblical sense" and hoped to be able to reap Sam herself. She soon left after giving him her name as she ignored his previous question about it.

Her words ended up giving Sam a clue to a cure for the rabid infection and he looks up purifications from the Bible. This led him to try Holy Fire as a cure, and it worked.

Billie appeared again in The Devil in the Details, guarding an entrance to Hell. Dean went to see her in order to get into Hell and save Sam from Lucifer. After Dean sung the password, Billie gave him a witchcatcher for Crowley, and sent him on his way. She would later be visited by Castiel, transported to her location by Amara.

When Dean believes Sam to have died from a gunshot wound in Red Meat, he also "dies" in order to speak with Billie. Billie takes her time savoring the moment, pleased to have the chance to reap Dean, but Dean offers his life in exchange for Sam's, knowing him to be the one to defeat the Darkness. Dean fails to provide Billie an answer as to how Sam is able to do this. Billie does not fulfill Dean's wish, stating that the answer will always be "no", and reveals that Sam is alive. Dean is, shortly after, revived, at which Billie is forced to leave.

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In Alpha and Omega, Billie witnesses the Winchesters suck up the thousands of ghosts in the Waverly Hills Sanatorium and travels to the Bunker to find out what they were doing. While there, she shares a flirty look with Crowley. After hearing their plan to use souls to destroy the Darkness, Billie offers her help stating she was about an hour from reaping the weakened God. Billie raids the Veil and gets the Winchesters a couple of hundred thousand souls for their weapon before leaving, telling them that when they need souls, they should call a Reaper.

Season 12

In Celebrating The Life Of Asa Fox, Billie appears outside of the house of dead hunter Asa Fox and tells Dean that something is killing hunters inside and she had already reaped a soul within. Billie is amused by Dean's efforts to get in and agrees to get him inside in exchange for him owing her one. Billie is able to throw Dean through the warded door and into the house. The next morning, Billie appears and tells Dean he owes her one: Mary Winchester. Billie tells them she was a believer in that what was dead should stay dead and states that she can tell that Mary does not want to be alive and offers her mercy by taking her to Heaven. After Billie confirms that she can not kill Mary due to the rules, Mary declines and Billie tells the Winchesters that if any of them ever change their mind, to call her. Billie then disappears.

Billie's Death

Billie is "killed" by Castiel

In First Blood, a desperate Dean calls Billie for help for escaping from Site 94. Billie makes a deal bound in blood with the Winchesters where she will kill them for a time and then bring them back to give them a chance to escape. In return, one Winchester must die for good at midnight. At midnight, Billie appears in the road, stops Mary's car, explains the deal and demands the Winchesters keep up their end of the deal. Mary offers herself up in her sons' place and goes to take her own life, but before she can, Castiel kills Billie from behind with an angel blade, stating that the world can not afford to lose any of the Winchesters.

Season 13

Billie as Death

Billie returns as the new Death

In Advanced Thanatology, it is revealed that Billie was reincarnated following her death at Castiel's hands. Billie appears before Dean surprising him as she reveals she has become the new Death and tells him the cycle of how the old Death died and she replaced him after her own death because when Death is killed, as her predecessor was by Dean, the next Reaper to die takes his place. She halts Dean's resurrection by stopping time after being annoyed by Sam's pleas to Dean's body. Billie brings Dean to her domain, where she questions him over the recent Rift between dimensions as she knows of his involvement.

Dean promises to tell her if she will allow the ghosts of the Meadows' House to finally pass on as she is shocked at his request since it is not for himself. Billie sends the Reaper Jessica who guides the ghosts to their rightful places and has Dean tell her about the rift after confirming Jessica's success. Dean explains that the rift is due to Lucifer's son Jack who inadvertently opened it when he was born. Billie then explains the importance of the cosmic and quantic fabric of order.

Billie soon notes on Dean's change in demeanor as she brings up his selfless act as he mentions that he knew he would lose with Billie as Death. She brings up his previous attitude and how he never gave up but realizes that he actually wants to die permanently. Dean confirms this by explaining that he has lost and failed so much and that while Sam keeps trying, he is just tired and done with everything. He ends his rant by telling her she can reap his soul if she wants.

Amused by this attitude, she refuses and explains that while she would be satisfied at the thought of taking him, her eyes have been opened by her new position. She goes over his list of possible deaths but states he is not meant to die now as he is surprised. Billie tells Dean she has seen the importance of him and his family, stating he has work to do as she resurrects him as he tries to ask about his mother. Afterwards, Dean reveals Billie's promotion to Sam who was shocked that she was alive and why she let Dean come back. Billie later goes over her work in her domain.

SN1319a 0031br2

Billie appears before Rowena.

During Funeralia, she has Jessica monitor the Winchesters as the tells the brothers that someone is killing reapers who is later revealed to be Rowena MacLeod. Billie herself appears before Rowena who had taken Sam Winchester hostage. Rowena recognized her and Billie brings up their last meeting when she was merely a reaper. Billie tells her to stop but Rowena threatens to kill Sam unless Billie brings back Crowley, but Billie is unfazed as Rowena attacks her. She tells a crying Rowena that there is natural order to things and though it may hurt they all have to accept it, showing sympathy for Rowena's position, but not willing to help her further. Billie reminds Rowena that her fate shows that she will ultimately be killed by Sam. Billie then sees Dean and Jessica enter, she greets Dean before stating she'll see him again shortly before disappearing.

Season 14

In Nihilism, in a desperate attempt to escape Michael's monsters, Sam calls upon the Reaper Jessica who Billie had following the Winchesters around. However, the Reaper Violet appears instead and reveals that Billie now has her Reapers following them around in shifts. Sam attempts to convince Violet to teleport the group to safety, but she refuses due to Billie's rules. Despite this, Sam, Castiel, Jack and Michael are suddenly teleported to the Men of Letters bunker.

Later, as Dean recuperates in his room, Billie appears to him. She notes on Michael's attempts to get free in Dean's mind, as Dean states the latter is trapped but she is unsure. Having heard the story of the others' inexplicable escape, Dean realizes that it was in fact Billie who was responsible despite it being against the rules. Billie admits to rescuing Sam and the others, stating that she "took a calculated risk" and asks Dean not to tell anyone. Billie chides Dean for ignoring her warnings about crossing universes which Dean feels was worth it to rescue Jack and their mother.

Billie reminds Dean of his visit to Death's Reading Room and all of the notebooks showing the various ways he could die. Billie warns Dean that all of those notebooks have now changed: all but one fate has Michael escaping his prison in Dean's mind and using Dean's body to destroy the world. Billie hands Dean the notebook containing the one fate where Michael loses, shocking Dean at what it reveals must be done. Billie tells Dean that its up to him what he will do with the information and departs, leaving Dean with the notebook.

In Moriah, when God returns, he comments that he preferred the old Death over Billie who God states sticks her scythe in where it doesn't belong. After Jack is killed by God, Billie appears in the Empty with Jack and the the Shadow. After Jack asks what's happening, Billie tells him that they should talk about that.


You've met, Billie, right? She's got rules. Clean hands. No interference. Well, no direct interference anyway.
Jessica to Sam and Dean
in Funeralia
Billie, like most reapers loyal to Death, is adamant about maintaining the Natural Order and following the rules regardless of circumstances. She is dedicated to her job and like her late boss, she finds the idea of reaping the Winchesters to be quite an honor.

Due to the demise of Death, she has chosen to work with Crowley and assist him during times of need. They were implied to be in a romantic relationship, which shows that Billie is willing to bend the rules at times, though she refers to this alliance as a result of "desperate times".

First Blood 010

Billie eagerly smiling for a Winchester to die

Billie is a rather straightforward individual and if not for the rules, she would have been demanding and relentless in her goals, such as reaping Sam, Dean and Mary without their required consent. She clearly holds some sort of grudge against them, but refuses to act upon it and agrees to help them when they really need it. However, this grudge may have lessened over time as her pitch to Mary about coming with her was more sympathetic than demanding and she kindly offered the same peace to the other Winchesters in a non-threatening manner as she has done before. However, when Mary tried to sacrifice herself in her sons' place, Billie had an obviously eager look on her face since she was a Winchester. Billie was shown smiling the entire time but by doing this she had dropped her guard which allowed Castiel to kill her.

Billie may have a sense of humor, which is rare in many angels and reapers, such as when Castiel popped into her quarters and she merely greeted him with a half-amused expression. She also made a comment on God's condition and remarked she was nearly an hour from claiming him, in spite of the destruction that would follow.

Following her ascension to Death, Billie is shown to be more or less the same but her humor has become even darker as she remarked on how it easy it would be to reap Dean now that she is a higher power, though she was disappointed that Dean, in his state of depression, would not mind it whereas before he tried to avoid it.

She does not seem to hold much anger about her death since it allowed her to gain a new position. While she still holds a considerable amount of disdain for the Winchesters, she gave up her chance to exact revenge and reap Dean because she has now been enlightened to the bigger picture and knows of the necessity of the Winchesters to the universe. Dean's change in attitude to a depressed and bitter man was shown to genuinely surprise Billie who brought up his past actions and how it seemed like he was a different person. It appears this played a part of why she had a new perspective on him, as Billie even implored Dean to continue living which shows the stark contrast to their previous encounters.

Funeralia 05

Billie comforting Rowena.

According to Jessica, Billie is big on the rules as the new Death and maintains a hands-off policy for her Reapers even when assigning Jessica to watch over the Winchesters. During her encounter with Rowena MacLeod, Billie refuses to negotiate with Rowena or to bring Crowley back for her. Instead, Billie displays genuine sympathy for Rowena's situation and takes the time to explain the Natural Order of things and why she can't help Rowena. In doing so, Billie displays a level of patience and kindness that was previously unseen from her.

With the threat of annihilation by Michael, Billie has been shown to be willing to break the rules somewhat, intervening to teleport Sam, Castiel, Jack and Michael to the Men of Letters bunker. When visiting Dean later, Billie admitted that she "took a calculated risk" by helping and asked Dean not to tell anyone. When chiding Dean for his actions, Billie kept a calm and patient tone while revealing the consequences of his choices. However, Billie was willing to offer Dean the information on how to potentially stop Michael by giving him her notebook revealing that particular fate to him. After giving him the information, Billie told Dean that it was up to him decide what to do with it, only giving him an option while leaving it up to Dean to use the information or not.

Physical Appearance

Billie takes the form of a dark-skinned woman with dark curly hair that touches her shoulders. She is only shown wearing black leather clothing. While a Reaper, Billie wears a red leather jacket. As Death, she exchanges it for a long black leather jacket and has a different, shorter hairstyle.

Powers and Abilities

Reaper Abilities

Billie was a powerful Reaper, displaying many abilities.

  • Invisibility - Billie can become invisible and visible at will.
  • Immortality - As a Reaper, Billie is not subjected to age, diseases and hunger.
  • Banishing - Billie said that when the Winchesters will die, she will banish them to The Empty.
  • Intangibility - Billie, as a Reaper can become intangible at will.
  • Soul Control - Billie was able to pull hundreds of thousands of ghosts out of the Veil and into a crystal to act as a weapon against the Darkness.
  • Chronokinesis - Billie was able to freeze and speed up time when she was about to reap Dean.
  • Teleportation - Billie is able to appear and disappear at will.
  • Localization - Billie has shown to be able to track down Dean and Sam's whereabouts.
  • Extending Intangibility - Billie was able to get Dean into a warded house by throwing him through a door.
  • Biokinesis - Billie was able to stop Sam and Dean's hearts.
  • Resurrection - As per her deal with the Winchesters, Billie resurrected them hours after killing them.
  • Electrokinesis - Billie was able to make Mary's car lose power and stop.
  • Telekinesis - With a wave of her hand, Billie flung Sam and Dean to the ground.

Death Abilities

Since I got this... new job, I stand witness to a much larger picture.
— Billie to Dean
in Advanced Thanatology
Billie reading

Billie reading in Death's Reading Room

As the new Death, Billie has gained new powers which makes her even more powerful.

  • Nigh-Invulnerability - Billie was able to withstand Rowena's attack at full force like it was nothing. The only thing that can kill Billie is her own scythe.
  • Nigh-Omniscience - After her promotion as the new Death, she gained a much higher elevation of cosmic awareness and could see the actual necessity of the Winchesters to the universe. This is notable considering her disdain for the Winchesters and her original firm belief that everything that dies should stay dead. She was also able to note on the screaming of Alternate Michael in Dean's subconscious. She also could detect Jack's death after he was killed by God. However, she was unaware that a Nephilim was the cause of the rift or that Castiel was resurrected in her talk with Dean. She knew of Jack's death at the hands of God.
  • Chronokinesis - With a wave of her hand, Billie was able to stop time.
  • Resurrection - Billie was able to resurrect Dean Winchester after his suicide.
  • Telepathy - Billie was able to telepathically order the Reaper Jessica to save the ghosts of Avery Meadows' victims and then receive a report that they were free.
  • Teleportation - She teleported inside the bunker and left. Billie notably was capable of entering The Empty to speak with Jack.


  • Angel Blades (formerly) - As a Reaper, she could be killed by an angel blade.
  • Death's Scythe - As Death, the only thing that can kill Billie is her own scythe.




  • Billie is one of three reapers to have a recurring role; the others are Tessa and Jessica. However, she is the most recurring reaper on the series.
  • When Dean killed the Reaper possessing April Kelly, the angel blade was covered up with blood. However, when Castiel killed Billie, it was clean.
  • Like her predecessor, she has met God, meeting him in Alpha and Omega.
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