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Bill Wright is a man living in Corinth, Illinois who becomes a worshipper of the god Blight during the Apotheosis.


During the Apotheosis, Bill comes to worship the god Blight. After the god Paeon fails to come out of Doctor Lena Nguyen's clinic, Paeon's new temple, Blight decides to use Bill as a sort of Trojan Horse to get at Paeon to challenge him.

Bill enters the clinic as a patient seeking Paeon's help. Bill claims to want to switch allegiances from Blight to Paeon because Paeon actually helps people, though its unclear if he is really seeking Paeon's help or acting under Blight's orders. Bill shows Paeon the grayish-green mound of fungus on his skin that is an indicator of Blight's presence inside of him and asks for help removing it despite Paeon's warnings about how painful it will be. While Bill is being held down by Lena, Paeon plunges his caduceus into Bill's and begins pulling Blight out of him, leaving Bill in excruciating pain. After a struggle, Paeon is able to use the caduceus to draw Blight out of Bill, causing Bill to pass out from the pain.

Exposing the mass of fungus removed from Bill as Blight himself, Paeon questions the other god on whether or not Bill knew he was carrying Blight, but Blight dismisses the question as unimportant, stating that Bill is his to use as Blight wishes. As Paeon fights Blight, he tells Lena that the only way Lena can help him is to stab Bill. Reasoning that Bill and Blight are connected and thus hurting Bill might hurt Blight, Lena stabs Bill in the chest with a pair of regular scissors, planning to have Paeon heal him later. Bill awakens and thrashes in pain as Lena stops him from pulling out the scissors which have punctured one of Bill's lungs. However, all the action does is draw Blight's attention and enrage him that Lena would dare attack his worshipper. Bill passes out once more as Paeon prevents Blight from killing Lena and orders her to run.

As the fight continues, Lena comes up the idea to use fire against Blight and orders Paeon to do so. However, instead of setting Blight on fire, Paeon extends his caduceus towards Bill who bursts into flames. As Bill thrashes in agony, Paeon shoves Blight in his direction, causing Blight to stumble and fall upon Bill and catch fire as well, both Bill and Blight screaming together, Blight's thrashing eventually knocking both off of the table. As Blight is burning by the fire emanating from Bill, Paeon retrieves Blight's club and stabs it through both Blight and Bill, killing both the god and the man. With Blight dead, Paeon extinguishes the flames emanating from Bill, leaving behind a charred, smoking mound that is impossible to differentiate which parts are Blight and which are Bill until Blight's remains turn into a white sphere that flies into Paeon, giving Paeon Blight's power.

After Paeon absorbs Blight's power, Lena asks him to help Bill. However, Paeon reveals that he can do nothing to help Bill who is beyond his power and dead. Lena is enraged by Paeon's lack of remorse over Bill's death, especially since he set the man on fire to defeat Blight. Paeon explains to Lena that his ability to affect the physiology of gods is limited, but he was able to heat up the oxygen in Bill's cells to produce the desired effect. Paeon defends himself that Bill may have aided Blight willingly and that sacrificing him may have saved many more lives since Paeon was able to win and continue helping people. After Lena's continued anger causes Paeon to briefly inflict her with every cancer known to humankind and a few that have yet to be discovered as a lesson, Paeon orders Lena to have her staff remove Bill's body and open some windows to get rid of the smell.


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