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Bill Carlton was the father of Sophie Carlton and Will Carlton.


Early Life[]

When they were kids, Bill and his friend Jake Devins accidentally killed another boy, Peter Sweeney, when they held his head underwater for too long in Lake Manitoc.

Season 1[]

Thirty-five years later the spirit of Peter Sweeney takes revenge by killing those close to Bill and Jake. When Bill's daughter Sophie is drowned in the lake, Bill falls into a deeply depressed state and when his son Will is drowned in the kitchen sink soon after, it is the last straw. Bill cannot cope with loss of his children and at that point he also comes to realize that something supernatural must be going on. Bill tells Sweeney: "You've taken everything, everyone. I've got nothing left. I didn't understand. I didn't believe. Now I think I do. I think I finally know what you want." Knowing that he will meet his end, Bill takes his boat out to the Lake, where Peter's spirit flips the boat and drowns him.