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Bill was a security guard for Richard Roman Enterprises.


During Charlie Bradbury's time at Richard Roman Enterprises, she knew Bill a little and he was attracted to her.

When Charlie helped the Winchesters raid the premises for Frank's hard drive and Dick Roman's email, Charlie found Bill guarding the executive level where Dick's office was located. After learning that Bill had showed an attraction to Charlie, the Winchesters suggested that she flirt her way past him. However, Charlie revealed herself to be a lesbian and thus didn't know how to flirt with guys. Guided by Dean, Charlie awkwardly flirted with Bill who noted her strange behavior, but was fooled. Bill agreed to allow Charlie to use the executive washroom to clean up.

After awhile, Bill became suspicious when Charlie took too long to return. Noticing Bill's approach, the ghost of Bobby Singer telekinetically closed and locked the office door, the noise drawing Bill's attention. Though Bill initially believed the office to be empty, Bill noticed Charlie's bag on Dick's desk. Emerging from Dick's private bathroom, Charlie pretended that she had gotten confused by Bill's directions and distracted him briefly until the download was done. Charlie retrieved her flash drive under the pretense of getting a pen to give Bill her phone number and left, leaving Bill thoroughly confused by her strange behavior.