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Dr. Gaines before eating himself

You're bibbing me?
Bibbing is the act of a Leviathan eating itself.


Now I have officially seen it all. (...) He's making the doctor eat himself.

The remains of a Leviathan after the bibbing.

When a Leviathan "bibs" itself, it consumes its whole body, killing itself, and its essence sent to Purgatory. After the Leviathan possessing Dr. Gaines has his experiments go wrong and catch the attention of the media, Dick Roman forces him to bib himself as punishment. It was implied the act and term of "bibbing" existed long before this instance, as Dr. Gaines already understood what the term was and what it implied. This is also supported when Dick threatens agent Valente if he failed him again, though the exact nature and history of bibbing is unknown. Dr. Gaines was sat on a chair and even wore a lobster bib for unknown reasons, though this is presumably an act of mockery. Starting with his right hand, he began to eat himself until there was nothing left but black goo. It is implied that they deliberately are returned to Purgatory afterwards, but their judgment by the other inhabiting Leviathans there is not mentioned.[1]

In Out With The Old, Joyce Bickleebee mentions how her assistant, George, is "one dumb move away from a bibbing already".

In The Girl With The Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo, Victor pleads with Dick not to bib him for failing to retrieve the Leviathan Tablet. Rather than bibbing him however, Dick instead devours him.



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