Well, well, well, what do we have here? What'cha doing snooping these halls? Up to no good? Why don't we get up to no good together? You know they say women just get better with age, like a fine wine or a cheese.
Beverly to Sam

Beverly is the cousin of Bunny LaCroix.

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After the death of Bunny LaCroix, Beverly and her relatives gather at the family home for the funeral. She meets Sam and Dean Winchester after the funeral's completion, and is instantly taken by the younger Winchester.

At dinner, Beverly catches Amber apparently sexting, and she tells Amber's husband Stanton. A few hours later, Stanton ends up dead. Amber says it was the ghost of Lance LaCroix, though no one believes her, except Sam and Dean. Meanwhile, Beverly tries to flirt with Sam, though her advances make him feel uncomfortable.

While searching for the vengeful spirit, Dean discovers the maid, Olivia, locked up in the attic. She convinces Dean that there are two vengeful spirits, and the butler Phillip is trying to cover it up.

This leads the brothers to suspect the butler, but while Dean talks to him, Sam finds Phillip's corpse. The butler with Dean then throws Dean against a wall and leaves behind shapeshifter skin, revealing that they are actually up against a shifter. In their hunt, they test out the members of the family to see who is the shifter, and Sam goes to hang out with Beverly and Heddy, however, the sisters are unaffected by the silver knife he has them touch.

This leaves Sam momentarily in their grasp, but he does manage to escape. The remaining family members and Sam and Dean are eventually confronted by Olivia, who reveals herself to be the daughter of Bunny, and is the one behind all the murders. She intends to kill Beverly next, but the brothers stop her, saving Beverly's life.

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  • Due to Sam's rejection towards her advances, Beverly accused the brothers of being homosexuals.
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