Beth Whitshire was the widow of Tom Whitshire and the mother of Charlie Whitshire.


Dean Winchester, transported back to Lawrence, Kansas, 1973 by Castiel, posed as hunter 'Dean Van Halen' worked with his mother Mary Winchester and grandfather Samuel Campbell and ended up investigating the case of Tom Whitshire, a man who was killed from becoming entangled in a combine at time when he had no crops to harvest.


Dean and Samuel have an awkward moment.

Dean, Samuel and Mary not quite coincidentally descended upon the Whitshire farm at the same time, both men representing themselves as priests to Mrs. Whitshire. Samuel, a bit rattled and annoyed to find Dean had arrived there first, asked her if noticed anything unusual surrounding the case. Having already answered the same line of questioning from Dean, she snapped at him: "You mean like my husband's guts fertilizing the back 40?" With that, Dean patted him on the back and left to join Mary in questioning her son, Charlie.

Mary and Dean learned from Charlie that his father drank, and was abusive to Beth. He had discussed with a stranger that he just wanted the beatings to stop, and then his father suddenly died. The stranger told him that he would be paying him another visit in ten years, and might want something from him then. He described the stranger as a normal looking guy, other than his pale yellow eyes.


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