Bess Fitzgerald (née Myers) is Garth's wife.



Bess was a part of Reverend Jim Myers' werewolf pack before she found Garth. They married two months later.

Season 9


Bess in Werewolf form

After Garth escapes the hospital where he was interred, Bess helps pick him up but her car is caught on security cameras, enabling Sam and Dean to track down her apartment. Bess hid in the closet when the Winchesters broke down the door, demanding answers from Garth. She then burst out and attacked Sam, only to recoil when she cuts herself on his silver knife. Garth reveals that not only is she his wife, but like her, he is a werewolf too. After getting bitten by a werewolf during a hunt, he decided to kill himself, but Bess found him and took him into their pack led by her father. They offered Dean to meet with the pack to prove that they have benevolent intentions. During dinner, Bess explained to Dean that the pack wear silver bullets around their necks to remind them of their own fragility.

Later she and Garth were captured by Joy Myers, her stepmother, who wanted to pin their deaths on Sam and turn the pack against humanity, but were rescued by Dean who killed Russ, Jobah and Joy single-handedly. She later consoles her father, who is heart-broken by Joy's betrayal.[1]




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