Bess Fitzgerald (née Myers) is Garth's wife.



Bess was a part of Reverend Jim Myers' werewolf pack before she found Garth. They married two months later.

Season 9Edit


Bess in Werewolf form

After Garth escapes the hospital where he was interred, Bess helps pick him up but her car is caught on security cameras, enabling Sam and Dean to track down her apartment. Bess hid in the closet when the Winchesters broke down the door, demanding answers from Garth. She then burst out and attacked Sam, only to recoil when she cuts herself on his silver knife. Garth reveals that not only is she his wife, but like her, he is a werewolf too. After getting bitten by a werewolf during a hunt, he decided to kill himself, but Bess found him and took him into their pack led by her father. They offered Dean to meet with the pack to prove that they have benevolent intentions. During dinner, Bess explained to Dean that the pack wear silver bullets around their necks to remind them of their own fragility.

Later she and Garth were captured by Joy Myers, her stepmother, who wanted to pin their deaths on Sam and turn the pack against humanity, but were rescued by Dean who killed Russ, Jobah and Joy single-handedly. She later consoles her father, who is heart-broken by Joy's betrayal.[1]

Season 15Edit

During The Heroes' Journey, Bess and Garth are shown to have settle down and are now raising three children. The Winchesters soon arrive after having car problems. Bess and the Winchesters are on better terms, as they are able to talk amicably and she is shocked to hear God is out to kill them. She and Garth are the ones who tell them God has decided to make them normal by comparing their life story to others. Soon her cousin Brad comes in battered and injured. When he wakes up, he is disgusted that Bess is affiliating with hunters, as she scolds him and does so again after he remarks they'll be dead while telling them of the monster fight club.

After the Winchesters return, Bess was tending to the kids. As Sam and Dean leave, Bess dances with Garth to "Werewolves of London."

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As a werewolf, she is a powerful monster.

  • Shapeshifting - As a pureblood werewolf, Bess could change at any time she chose.
  • Infectious bite - While in beast form, a werewolf can turn another person into a werewolf through a bite.
  • Claws and Fangs - Werewolves have powerful claws and are able to cut through solid walls. Their fangs can tear human flesh and can rip out a human heart right out of their chest cavity. Pureblood werewolves are able to transform just their claws without transforming fully.
  • Super Strength - A werewolf's strength is much greater than a human.
  • Enhanced Agility - Their agility is greater than humans, often allowing them to perform incredible jumps and sprints easily.
  • Super Speed - A werewolf can move very fast; they are able to move from place to place in seconds.
  • Super Stamina - Werewolves do not tire easily.
  • Super Senses - All werewolves are able to see better than humans in darkness, similar to actual wolves, their sense of smell and hearing is equally enhanced.
  • Invulnerability - Werewolves can't be killed by conventional means and weapons.
  • Regeneration - Werewolves can regenerate all non-lethal damage, purebloods are even able to completely heal their original bites.


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