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Bernard is a minor character introduced in Season 13


According to Jessica, Bernard was an experienced military operative before he decided to work for Rowena.

Season 13[]

Bernard is first seen dancing with Rowena and her killing a person and the reaper with them.

After a spree of killing people and the reapers, Bernard listens to Rowena complain about Sam and Dean constantly calling her before she invites them to dinner.

Bernard is present with Rowena and is introduced by her as a friend to the curious brothers. He is mainly silent and has slight reaction when it is revealed that Sam Winchester is always the one to kill Rowena. He flees the scene with Rowena after she left behind an Astral Projection to keep the brothers from capturing her.

He holds off Dean while Rowena takes Sam hostage. Before fighting Dean tells him to just leave since the witch is using him, Bernard refuses since Rowena was gorgeous, powerful, and he was promised a large fortune so she didn't to have to put a spell on him. Bernard attacks Dean and shown to put up a good fight with the hunter.

While strangling Dean, Jessica appears behind them and remarks Dean is having problems with Bernard and he asks her for help though she says she can't help because of her orders. Very soon, Dean breaks free and overpowers Bernard, pushing him against the floor and choking him unconscious with his wrist against Bernard's windpipe. Afterwards, Jessica congratulated Dean, impressed that he was able to beat Bernard in a fight.

Powers and Abilities[]

Bernard is an average human possessing normal abilities but he is a capable fighter one who gained the interest of Rowena MacLeod, a powerful Witch.

  • Skilled Hand-to-Hand Combatant-Trained in the military, he is shown to be a very skilled fighter. Bernard was able to hold his own against Dean Winchester and land a few solid blows on the skilled Hunter.