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I'll see you on the other side, brother.
— Benny's last words to Dean
in Atomic Monsters

Benny Lafitte was a hunter in a world where Sam Winchester became the leader of a demon army.

He is an alternate reality version of Benny Lafitte.



After Sam became the leader of a demon army after going evil from drinking demon blood, Dean led a group of hunters into the Men of Letters bunker in an attempt to stop him. Benny was one of the hunters, but was fatally wounded by Sam while separated from Dean. Dean tried to reassure his friend that he would be alright, but Benny knew he wouldn't be. Telling Dean he would see him on the other side, Benny died of his wounds.

Season 15[]

In Atomic Monsters, Sam experiences a nightmare of the confrontation between his and Dean's alternate selves, including the death of Benny.

In The Trap, God reveals that the visions Sam has been seeing, including the one with Benny, are God's memories of alternate reality Sam's and Dean's.



  • Benny notably died slowly of what was implied to be a gunshot or stab wound, bringing into question whether or not he's a vampire like his prime universe counterpart.
  • Ty Olsson's appearance as Benny at the start of the Atomic Monsters was not originally scripted, and was suggested at the behest of Jensen. Per Variety: In it, Ackles directed himself in hand-to-hand combat and stunts, as well as a couple of key emotional moments, including bringing back "a character who's one of my favorite characters of all time," Ackles says. "It wasn't even on the page. I said, 'Can we make this character this person?' And they were like, 'If you can get this person — I believe they're working right now.' I made the call. He was literally working one day, had the next day off, so he flew in, did one scene, flew out and was working on his other project the next day."