What I wanted was to leave a crater behind. I wanted to put your memory to rest. What I loved it ain't here anymore it was snuffed out long ago by monsters like me. Like what you've become. No I think we're all damned.
Benny to Andrea.

Benny is a vampire, turned by the ancient one known as The Old Man, who he worshipped as a God. However, fifty years ago, Benny fell in love with a greek woman named Andrea, deciding to abandon his maker. The Old Man discovered this and killed Benny, condemning his soul to Purgatory, the realm where all monsters go when they die. Fifty years later, he helps Dean Winchester escape from Purgatory in exchange for being brought back to life, developing a strong friendship while there. Back on Earth, Benny decides to ago after his maker, eventually killing him with Dean's help.

Powers and Abilities

Benny possesses all the powers of an average vampire, however his skills are more developed because he has spent fifty years fighting for his life in Purgatory.

  • Super strength - Benny is superhumanly strong.
  • Fangs - Benny's teeth are sharp and superhumanly strong.
  • Super Speed - Benny is to able to move at speeds greater than humans can.
  • Super agility - Benny possesses incredible agility.
  • Superhuman Senses - Benny possesses enhanced senses including night vision.
  • Immortality - Benny can potentially live forever. He can't grow physically old and won't get sick with any conventional diseases.
  • Invulnerability - Benny can not be killed by conventional weapons.
  • Regeneration - As long as he has enough human blood, Benny can heal any wound short of amputation.

Early life

Benny became a vampire at the hands of an ancient and cruel one known as The Old Man, serving in his isolated nest, where the vampires worked as pirates. During many years, Benny worshipped his maker as a God, eventually becoming his second-in-command. Fifty years ago, he fell in love with a greek woman named Andrea and tried to run away with her. However, they were discovered and his nest buddies held him down while The Old Man cut off his head, sending his soul to Purgatory, where all monsters went after dying.

His remains for whatever reason were buried in a cemetery in Louisiana far away from the nest. In Purgatory, he spent the next fifty years fighting the souls of other deceased monsters. At some point, he learned about a portal that led back to Earth. However, because only humans could use this portal, Benny remained trapped in Purgatory.

Season 8

When Dean Winchester ends up in Purgatory, Benny encounters and saves Dean from another vampire. Benny offers Dean a deal; he knows a way out that only humans can use and will lead Dean to it if he allows Benny's soul to hitch a ride out with him. Dean reluctantly agrees on the condition that they find the missing Castiel first.

SPN 0185

Benny and Dean part ways back on Earth

A year after Dean got trapped in Purgatory, he finally escapes using Benny's method, arriving in Maine with Benny's soul in his arm. Dean travels to Benny's grave in Louisiana and performs a spell over his bones that resurrects the vampire. The two embrace and go their separate ways, but not before Dean tells Benny to stay out of trouble.

Benny later calls Dean and they agree to stay away from each other for awhile until they are used to being back in the outside world, though Dean does tell Benny to call him if he gets into trouble and before ending their call Benny tells Dean to keep his nose clean and that he wishes he appreciated the "pureness" of Purgatory like Dean did. ("We Need To Talk About Kevin")

SPN 1381

What's Up, Tiger Mommy?

In Purgatory, Benny watches as Dean interogates a monster for the location of Castiel. Dean finally gets the location out of the monster and then kills him.

Following the monster's directions, Benny and Dean finally locate Castiel and tell him of their plan to escape, though Benny warns that he doesn't know if it will work for an angel. Benny becomes hostile towards Castiel, accusing him of abandoning Dean which Castiel admits, but says was to protect Dean from the monsters after him, particularly the Leviathans. While Benny wants to leave Castiel behind, Dean convinces him to join them in their search for a way out.

Blood Brother

In Purgatory, Dean, Benny and Castiel come under attack by monsters but kill them all. Both Benny and Castiel try to convince Dean to abandon the latter because as a Seraph, Castiel is drawing monsters to them. Benny tells Dean that the way out may not even work for Castiel as it is meant for humans. Dean is a human so it will work for him and Benny figures that as a former human he can skate by too, but Castiel isn't even close to human. Castiel agrees with him, but Dean insists that they will all get out or die trying which Benny is uncomfortable with. However, before they can continue the argument, Castiel senses Leviathans approaching and they are forced to run. Two Leviathans attack the group and while Dean beats one easily, the other defeats Castiel and goes to kill him. To Dean's shock, Benny decapitates the Leviathan, saving Castiel's life.

Benny, knowing that his maker will come after him again if he finds out he has been resurrected, goes after The Old Man himself. He tracks down a vampire named Quentin that he used to work with and asks for the location of The Old Man, but Quentin ambushes him with two other vampires. Benny manages to kill all three of his enemies, but is left badly injured and calls Dean for help. Dean comes and brings him his stolen blood and using it, Benny quickly recovers. Benny reveals what he is up to and Dean decides to join him in hunting The Old Man. As they search Quentin's things, Benny explains to Dean the story of how his former nest are vampire pirates or "vampirates" as Dean calls them and Dean figures out that they are on Prentis Island. Benny and Dean head there to hunt and destroy the nest and along the way, Benny explains his personal story to Dean.

On Prentis Island, Benny is shocked to learn that Andrea is not dead as he had believed but has been turned into a vampire instead. Benny is overpowered and captured while Dean escapes. Benny learns that Andrea is The Old Man's second-in-command and makes fun of her for it, but when they are left alone, Andrea reveals that she still loves him and doesn't worship The Old Man like the others do. Andrea gives Benny his handcuff's keys and a knife to kill The Old Man with before a vampire named Sorento takes him to The Old Man. The Old Man reveals that he turned Andrea as revenge against Benny, but Benny reveals that Andrea is on his side by showing his free hands. Sorento attacks Benny, but Benny overpowers him and kills him with moves he apparently learned in Purgatory and faces The Old Man and demands that he defend himself. However, The Old Man hates the world and wants to die on his own terms and refuses to fight back. Benny promises to show The Old Man a new world (Purgatory) and kills him with Andrea's knife. Returning to Andrea, he confirms that The Old Man is dead and asks Andrea to leave with him to start a new life. However, she wants to take control of the piracy operation and run it with Benny while he wants to destroy it completly. To Benny's sorrow, he realizes that the woman he loves is long dead and Andrea goes to attack him but Dean, having killed all of the other vampires in the nest, kills her from behind.

Leaving the island, Benny despondantly asks why Dean didn't just betray him instead of resurrecting him like he'd promised. Dean and Benny return to the mainland where Sam is waiting for them. Benny shakes hands with Sam who considers attacking him before Dean stops him. Recognizing the awkward moment and that Sam and Dean need to be alone, Benny leaves.


  • Benny is the first known monster to develop a strong bond with Dean.
  • Benny's actor Ty Olsson played another vampire Eli back in Season 2.
  • Benny is the first (and currently only) vampire that has been brought back from the dead.
  • Benny is revealed to be similar in nature to Lenore and her group of vampires before Eve influenced them. However, instead of feeding on animal blood, he feeds on stolen blood transfusions. He explains to Dean "I feed on blood, not people."


Season 8

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