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He was my friend. Now you are. First rule of Purgatory, kid: you can't trust nobody.

This unnamed vampire was the friend of Benny Lafitte while he was in Purgatory, he was betrayed and killed by Benny to get Dean Winchester's trust.


Not much is known about the vampire, the only known information about this vampire is at some unknown point in his life this unnamed man was turned into a vampire. At some unknown point this vampire died so his soul went to Purgatory. And at some unknown point this vampire allied with Benny Lafitte.


Season 8[]

When Dean Winchester was distracted with killing a vampire this vampire took it as an opportunity to attack Dean and kill him. This vampire tackled Dean and tried to kill him, Dean attempted to use the other vampire's weapon but Dean couldn't reach it. When it seemed that the vampire was going to kill Dean the vampire is tackled by Benny Lafitte who kills him, saving Dean.

While Benny and Dean negotiate they circle around with the bodies of this vampire and the other vampire in sight. When Dean asks Benny how he could trust him and how he wouldn't end up like this vampire, who he refers to as Benny's friend. Benny responds by saying that this vampire was his friend. Dean and Benny end up leaving the place along with this vampire and the other vampire's corpses behind, it is assumed that the two vampires' corpses were eaten by monsters or Leviathans offscreen.

Powers and Abilities[]

This vampire has all the powers and abilities of a normal vampire though not as strong as most as he was only a vampire for a few months.


This vampire possessed all the weaknesses of a vampire.