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This is a thing that started with a deceptively simple premise of a muscle car and two beautiful men... who shoot ghosts, where the fuck did that come from? [Laughs.] They drive around and shoot ghosts, oooh classic rock! And I like this show, I like it, I love it.
— Ben Edlund

Ben Edlund was a writer and executive producer/co-executive producer/consulting producer on Supernatural from Season 2 to Season 8.

I actually was very surprised by how little special interest we get. I mean, we have done some fairly subversive things with the Judeo-Christian tenets. But no one cares!
— Ben Edlund

Edlund has previously written episodes of both the animated series The Tick (also the creator) and the live-action series The Tick. He has also written episodes of Firefly, Angel, and Point Pleasant, as well as the animated movie Titan A.E.

It's hard not to read it. You're in a dialog. It's an amazing thing that the internet gives you this chance of seeing what people think... so we definitely take it in. [But] like any dialog, we're in that conversation. It gives us an indication of what viewer expectation is and that helps us play tension against viewer expectation. We want to scare people and surprise them and make them worried, so it tells us where the zeitgeist is moving so we can do a counter-move or move along with it.
— Ben Edlund on audience opinions and reactions[1]


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  • The pen name of character Chuck Shurley, which was Carver Edlund, was named in part after Edlund.


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