Ben Anderson was the sheriff of Grangeville, Idaho.

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Sheriff Anderson is approached by Dean Winchester, who drops Corbin and Michelle Tilghman in his care, so he can return to the woods and retrieve his brother. Anderson tries to stop him but gets punched in the jaw. In retaliation, Ben tasers him and renders him unconscious.

At the Urgent Care Center, Anderson has the Tilghmans recount their experience. Michelle goes on about werewolves, while her husband denies any. Anderson deduces that Michelle is simply traumatized. He tells Corbin that he will send park rangers to check out the ranger station and cabin.

Shortly after, Dean overdoses on drugs in order to contact a reaper, since he believes his brother to be dead. Dr. Kessler, Michelle and Anderson struggle to stabilize him. Once Dean is revived, Anderson immediately places him under arrest for stealing and consuming a felonies worth of Schedule IV drugs and for assaulting a police officer. He then orders Dr. Kessler to sedate Dean, though she refuses due to health concerns, so the sheriff orders her to keep an eye on him instead while he goes to call for back up.

Afterwards, Anderson hears screaming from Dr. Kessler and discovers Corbin, now a werewolf, having killed the doctor. He is then impaled by Corbin's arm, and dies.

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