This unnamed changeling briefly pretended to be Ben Braeden.


When a Mother Changeling arrived in Cicero, Indiana, she began kidnapping the local children and replacing them with her own children. This changeling took on Ben Braeden's form sometime after his birthday party.

After Sam and Dean Winchester found out changelings were present in the area, Dean decided to go see Ben's mother Lisa to take her and Ben to safety. Dean noticed Ben acting strange and realized that he too had been replaced by a fake. When "Ben" asked Dean to leave, Lisa went along with his wishes and ordered Dean out of her house.

Sam and Dean soon discovered the real Ben trapped inside a cage along with other replaced children, in the basement of an abandoned house.

That night, Lisa tried to put Ben to sleep three times, only for Ben to ask for food and remind her how much he loved her. Lisa prepared to get pizza, only to see Ben's reflection and realize that this is not her son as just Dean had warned.

Lisa tried to flee the house but the other changelings blocked her path. When she went back inside, "Ben" told her that the others don't want her leaving. Just then, Sam torched the Mother Changeling, leading to the death of this one as well as all of his siblings.

The real Ben was returned to his mother shortly after.

Vulnerabilities Edit

  • Family - The death of this changeling's mother caused his death as well.
  • Mirrors - A reflection of his face revealed his true identity to Lisa, who had been fooled by him up until that point. 


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