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Belial was one of the Crowned Princes of Hell that was almost summoned by Constance Ball using a spell from the Necronomicon


He was a very manipulative demon that led the witch Constance to believe that he would be her husband when she rose him from the depths of hell. He was also very petty when he is about to be exorcised, showed when he tried to get Dean to back down by turning into the visage of John Winchester.


Belial was a very powerful demon created by Lucifer that was immediately cast into the bowels of hell. Known as the First Prince of Hell, he was one of the most powerful demons created.

Supernatural: One Year GoneEdit

Each time he was summoned, a member of the Campbell Family stopped the Salem witches from raising him. The first was Nathaniel Campbell who described him as a Half Man-Half Goat-looking demon. The second being Dean Winchester who saw it take the form of his long dead father: John Winchester. He was sent back to hell shortly afterwards using a reverse spell from the Necronomicon.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Invulnerability - He is immune to most kinds of weapons due to the fact that he is a Higher-Tier Demon
  • Shapeshifting - Belial was able to take John's form, while Nathaniel Campbell described him as a man-half goat-looking demon, although it is unknown if that was his real form.


  • Exorcism - He shapeshifted into John's form trying to prevent Dean from exorcising him.
  • Unknown Reverse Spell - He was sent back to Hell using an unknown spell from the Necronomicon.



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