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Beer is a common beverage in the Supernatural universe.


Hunters are best known for drinking beer to ease worry, to celebrate, or simply to drink. Beers are regularly bought in six packs. Very few hunters, like Garth Fitzgerald IV, struggle to consume more than a bottle, and many hunters have been shown to develop a high tolerance for alcohol.

Beer is not an exclusive beverage to hunters, since non-hunters also consume it. Notable people include God, Mick Davies and Adam Milligan. Monsters are rarely shown consuming beer especially after transforming, but they are very aware of humans' preference in it. The Nephilim Jack took to drinking beer in order to emulate Dean. Castiel had his first beer as a human at Bison Bud's Bar.

Beer has not played a major role in the series. The amount a person drinks can indicate how bad they feel emotionally. Hunters don't all stick to drinking beer, and may switch over to wine, depending on the availability.

Brands Edit

Many brands of beer add to the scenery in places such as bars, motels, Gas-n-Sips, and the Men of Letters bunker. Neon beer signs appear in numerous bars, decorating walls and windows. In a prank war between Sam and Dean, Sam put glue on a bottle of Larklair Tejas Dark Ale Premium Beer; Dean's hand got stuck to it. Later, while hunting, Dean complained about the skin he lost pulling it off. In the Dean Cave, a sign for Margiekugel's lager hangs on the wall by the door. Many brands appear on signs, taps, and bottles all over the places hunters go, numerous times. Even when imprisoned in his own mind by Michael, Dean Winchester was surrounded by bottles and beer signs in Rocky's Bar.

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