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Beau Pyle is a professional caver, guide, and the owner of Go Cave Wild cave shop


At Mid 50s-60s, Beau was Cinnamon Ellison's boyfriend. During his time with Cinnamon, she displayed her abilities as a psychic to him. until he decided to brroke up from her and chosed her sister, Brenda. His actions caused her broken hearted and decided to not marry for the rest of her life. Later, she also found out that her sister was infertile, leading to Ellison family line ended in the hand of the sisters. However, Beau still remained faithful to Brenda, even after Brenda divorced him years later. He took no more wowen as wife, despite he is the last member of his family now.

Beau is professional caver and subequently worked as guide in Mammoth Cave National Park. Some time later, he established his own cave shop, Go Cave Wild.

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