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Beau was a pagan god, who acted as the assistant to Plutus, before betraying him.


Season 8Edit

Beau first appeared to invite Kevin Tran to Plutus's auction, where the Word of God was being auctioned. He also allowed Sam, Dean and Linda Tran to accompany Kevin. Once there, he made Dean hand over all his weapons.


Sam kills Beau with the Mjolnir.

During the auction he acted as the auctioneer, being directed by his master Plutus. Upon the Word of God not reaching its set price, he added Kevin Tran to it, leading to his mother to sell her soul for it.

At the transfer however, it was revealed that Crowley had bribed Beau into joining him (in exchange for an island) and Beau turned on his boss, and using a stake to kill him. He then threatened Kevin with a gun, planning to trade him for a second private island. Taking Mjölnir from Mr. Vili, Sam attacked, smashing Beau across the head from behind, killing him.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Divine Weaponry - Sam used Mjölnir to kill Beau.



  • Beau was the first deity to kill another in Supernatural.
  • Unlike most deities on the show, Beau is not based on any existing real-world deity. 
  • His name means "boyfriend", and can be used to described a rich and fashionable young man, which fits his physical appearance. 
  • The name Beau may also be a reference to Beau Brummel a trendsetter of men's fashion in the early 19th century, and the originator of what became known as "dandyism."


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