You may be searching for Beau (Deity), the deity that appears in Season 8...

Beau was a vampire who worked for Luther.

Background[edit | edit source]

Beau has his own method of catching food - he lies in the road and waits for them to pull over in their car. He likes to drink and believes that if a human drinks enough alcohol before he feeds on them, he'll be able to taste the drink.

He is shown using this method on Jenny and her boyfriend. He manages to trick them into thinking he's a dead body, and when Jenny's boyfriend gets close enough, Beau captures him. Back at his nest, Beau offers them beer but the boyfriend declines while Jenny spits it in his face.

While Luther hunts for the Winchesters in search of Kate, Beau is left behind at the barn. He walks around drinking the beer and gets caught off guard by Dean Winchester, who beheads him.

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