Well, according to Crowley, Dick knows we're coming. So we're gonna announce ourselves. Big.
Dean discussing their attack plan with Castiel
in Survival of the Fittest

The Battle of SucroCorp was the final battle of the Leviathan War.

Progression[edit | edit source]

Prelude[edit | edit source]

Due to the angel Castiel taking in all the souls of Purgatory,[1] the Leviathans were pulled into his vessel along with all of the other souls and most of them managed to hang on when Castiel sent the souls back to Purgatory.[2] They soon escaped into the world by traveling into a nearby reservoir where Castiel's vessel imploded, killing him and releasing the Leviathans into the water supply.[3] Following their release upon the Earth, the Leviathans began to organize with their leader taking on the form of billionaire businessman Dick Roman with other Leviathans taking the forms of other important people in the world. The Leviathans began a plan to turn humanity into a perfect never-ending food source, making a deal with the Alpha Vampire for his help while really planning to betray him.[4]

Soon after Castiel was found alive once more and saved Sam's life from his hallucinations of Lucifer,[5] the Winchesters got their hands on the Leviathan Tablet with the help of Charlie Bradbury.[6] After a brief skirmish with angels looking to take the Prophet Kevin Tran before he could translate the tablet for them, the Winchesters learned that the only way to kill a Leviathan was to use the Bone of Righteous Mortal Washed in the Three Bloods of Fallen.[7] With the help of the ghost of Bobby Singer and the King of Hell Crowley, the Winchesters managed to gather all of the ingredients for the weapon, but not before Dick Roman learned of it as well after kidnapping Kevin and forcing him to translate the Leviathan tablet for him.[8] As a result, as well as making a deal with Crowley for him not to give the Winchesters his blood for the weapon, he used the arm of the real Richard Roman to have a bunch of other Leviathans take on his form to confuse the Winchesters should they attack.

Meanwhile, the Winchesters learned of Dick's plan to use SucroCorp to spread a Leviathan food additive that dumbed down humans and made them the perfect herd to cull. When the Leviathan Edgar revealed that it was also designed to kill other monsters that feed on humans, it made the Alpha Vampire give them his blood for the weapon.[6][8] This made them more determined than ever to stop Dick who the Leviathan tablet told them to target with the weapon, but Bobby turned into a vengeful spirit and went after Dick before being stopped. The Winchesters learned about Dick's trick and that only Castiel could help them tell which one was the real Dick. However, Castiel was now insane and refused to fight out of fear of causing more trouble, leaving them with no way to identify the real Dick. Shortly after the Winchesters were forced to put Bobby to rest, Castiel accompanied Dean to retrieve the Impala for use in the battle. The two discussed Castiel's role in the events and Dean finally forgave Castiel for what he did. Castiel ultimately agreed to help in the attack and Dean announced that as Dick knew they were coming, they were going to announce themselves to him, "big."[9]

Battle[edit | edit source]

The next morning, Meg drives the Impala to SucroCorp and crashes it through the building's front gate and giant glass outside sign. As three Leviathan guards emerge from the building, Meg emerges from the Impala. The guards open fire on her, shooting out the Impala's driver side window, but as a demon, Meg is unaffected by the bullets. She splashes the Leviathans with borax and then decapitates them, defeating them. Leaving, Meg is captured by two demons working for Crowley.

Meanwhile, the Winchesters and Castiel take the opportunity afforded by Meg's distraction to sneak into the building. Sam makes his way through the building and eventually locates and rescues Kevin Tran who tells them that before they leave, they have to blow up the lab as Dick has a new additive that will kill all the skinny people in the world. Sam reluctantly agrees and he and Kevin head out to destroy the lab.

At the same time, Dean and Castiel search the SucroCorp building for Dick, finding a Dick Roman in the board room. However, Castiel is able to tell that it is not the real Dick Roman and the two continue their search. They eventually find the real Dick Roman in the lab with Royce, boxing up some of the new additive. Castiel teleports them behind Royce who Dean decapitates and they face off with Dick. Dick is amused with their actions and taunts Castiel about letting the Leviathans into the world in the first place. When Dean pulls out the weapon, Dick is amused as he thinks that they don't have the right blood for it, but Dean tells him that he can't trust Crowley who betrayed him. Dick points out that he may not even be the real Dick Roman as Dean can't tell, but Dean informs him that Castiel can tell so they know he's the one they're looking for. Dick tells them the meeting's over and effortlessly flings Castiel into a wall when he tries to attack him. As Dick turns back to face Dean, Dean plunges the weapon into his heart to no effect. Dick smugly pulls out the weapon and breaks it, arrogantly asking if Dean really thought he could beat him. Dean tells him that he honestly didn't, he knew they'd have to catch Dick off-guard. As Dick faces off with Dean, Castiel grabs his head from behind and holds it in place as Dean pulls out the real weapon and stabs Dick through the neck with it just as Kevin and Sam arrive. Dick starts to pulsate with energy waves and laughs the whole time. Finally, the weapon causes Dick to explode into black goo, killing him, but Dean and Castiel disappear when he does.[9]

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

Moments after Dick explodes, Sam and Kevin are stunned to find Dean and Castiel gone. When Kevin starts panicking as there are more Leviathans in the building who are bound to come after them, Crowley appears and tells them that he has a small army of demons outside to take care of the Leviathans now that Dick is dead. Crowley explains that Dick was the Leviathans only leader since the beginning of time so they will fall apart without him and they need to take advantage of that and keep them from reorganizing under a new leader. Sam realizes that this is what Crowley wants: with Dick dead and the Leviathans gone, he is free to take power once more. Crowley refuses to tell Sam where Dean and Castiel are, only stating that "God weapons have a bit of a kick" and kidnaps Kevin for his own purposes, leaving Sam alone.[9] After losing Dean, Sam repairs the Impala and then starts wandering aimlessly until he hits a dog and meets Amelia Richardson who he settles down with in Kermit, Texas.[10]

Dean wakes in a dark forest with a now-sane Castiel who informs him that when Dick was killed, he returned to Purgatory and they were dragged along for the ride. Fearing the Leviathans still in Purgatory will track him down and harm Dean, Castiel then disappears.[9][11] Dean eventually gets out a year later with the help of vampire Benny Lafitte in exchange for Dean resurrecting him[10] while Castiel is rescued months later by angels under the command of Naomi.[12]

Following the death of their leader, the Leviathan influence over the Earth disappears though they are still out there as they were considered as a culprit during a case over a year and a half later.[13] However, they are only ever encountered again by Dean during his time in Purgatory, showing that the threat from them ended during this battle.[12][14]

After Crowley kidnaps him, Kevin discovers that it is because he wants Kevin to translate the demon tablet which he has somehow gotten his hands on for him. Kevin pretends to comply, but actually uses the demon tablet to kill two demons and escape on his own with the tablet.[10]

Crowley ends up keeping Meg captive for months and eventually tortures her for information on Lucifer's Crypts and the angel tablet stored within. She is rescued by Castiel during his own search for the angel tablet under Naomi's command.[15]

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