We get Cas back. Alright, grab holy water, devil's trap bullets, angel blades because whatever we're walking into...
It's gonna suck.
Sam gives out orders while Bobby adds his opinion.
in Stranger in a Strange Land
Are you sure? Because I know things. All sorts of things.
Yeah. So do I.
Kipling tries a final time to make a deal with Sam before Bobby and Mary attack.
in Stranger in a Strange Land

The Battle of Martha's Motown Meats is a battle between hunters led by Sam Winchester and demons led by Kipling who seeks to become the new King of Hell at the restaurant Martha's Motown Meats.



In order to defeat the super-charged Lucifer, hunter Dean Winchester makes a deal with the Apocalypse World version of the archangel Michael to become his vessel, but with Dean in control. Powered by Michael, Dean is able to kill Lucifer in battle, but Michael subsequently takes full control of his true vessel and departs, loose upon the Main Universe.[1] Michael subsequently begins traveling around asking various people and beings "what do you want?" while trying to figure out the answer in regards to himself.[2]

Following the deaths of Azazel,[3] Lilith,[4] Abaddon,[5] Crowley,[6] Asmodeus[7] and Lucifer,[1] Hell is left without a Ruler of Hell or any sort of successor to the throne. One of the beings that Michael approaches while seeking answers is the demon Kipling who, as a result, realizes that he wants control of Hell for himself. At the same time, in a desperate attempt to find Dean, the Winchesters decide to turn to the demons for help and Kipling decides to seize upon the opportunity to take power for himself by setting up a meeting with Castiel at Martha's Motown Meats in Detroit, but having the staff and patrons possessed by demons loyal to him to effect an ambush and force Sam to negotiate.[2]


Entering the restaurant, Kipling greets Castiel warmly to his annoyance and places an order with the bartender. After Kipling explains what he ordered, Castiel admits surprise at Kipling wanting to meet there while Kipling is surprised that Castiel would want to meet with a demon at all. Castiel tells Kipling that he needs information and asks if any demon knows where Dean Winchester is. Kipling is amused to learn that Castiel has lost a Winchester, but wonders what is in it for him if he helps.

Castiel threatens to kill Kipling if he doesn't tell Castiel everything he knows immediately. Kipling suggests that "we can do better" and has his henchmen expose themselves. Castiel quickly draws his angel blade, but proves to be no match for the demons who beat the Seraphim to the ground and capture him.

After taking Castiel prisoner, Kipling calls Sam from Castiel's cell phone and reveals that he has taken Castiel prisoner. Kipling demands that they meet if Sam ever wants to see Castiel alive again. Despite knowing that its a trap, Sam agrees to meet and gathers Mary Winchester, Bobby Singer and Maggie to help him, ordering the other hunters to arm themselves with holy water, devil's trap bullets and angel blades. Jack asks to help despite having lost his grace and powers and Sam agrees despite Bobby's reservations.

As they wait for Sam to arrive, Kipling offers Castiel a drink, but is rejected. Castiel demands to know why Kipling is using him for bait. Kipling admits that he needs something from Sam. Though Castiel is dubious Sam will make a deal, Kipling believes that Sam has dealt with worse than him before. Kipling explains that he recently had a revelation after somebody asked Kipling what he wanted. Kipling tells Castiel that he had realized that after six hundred years as a demon spreading destruction across the Earth, he didn't know what he wanted. Having thought it over, Kipling now knows that he wants "everything."

Upon arriving, Sam hands over the demon-killing knife to Mary, knowing that the demons would search him and thus the knife would be safer with Mary. Sam enters the restaurant alone where he finds Kipling, Castiel and three demons waiting for him. One of the demons searches Sam and finds no weapons on him. Though Kipling greets Sam rather extravagantly, he is more interested in Castiel's state. Castiel confirms that he's alright and is more embarrassed than hurt. Kipling introduces himself to Sam who asks what Kipling wants now that he's there. Kipling points out that while Sam did come, he did not come alone as Kipling had asked and three more of Kipling's demons drag in Jack and Maggie who did not even put up a fight when they were captured. As the demons restrain Jack and Maggie, Kipling admits that Sam had at least tried, but tells Sam that he will now need a little more not to "eat" Jack and Maggie.

Sam is surprised when Kipling asks him to make a deal. Kipling explains that for the first time in a very long time, there is no King of Hell and Sam realizes that Kipling wants the job. Kipling tells Sam that he wants to work with Sam, not against him and has taken Castiel hostage to show that he is capable of hurting Sam and his friends, but chooses not to. Kipling asks for "the Crowley deal" where he will give Sam information and help sometimes and in return, Sam turns a blind eye to things like the crossroads deals and demon-on-demon violence. Sam points out that the Winchesters never gave Crowley that deal and while Kipling has some good lines, both he and the other demons know that Kipling is no Crowley. Enraged, Kipling admits that he's no Crowley and expounds upon his accomplishments as a human and his actual desire to eat Sam's heart before demanding that Sam take the deal before Kipling stops trying to be Crowley and shows Sam who he really is. However, Sam again refuses to make a deal with Kipling.

After Sam refuses to deal with Kipling the final time, Mary and Bobby rush in and open fire with devil's trap bullets, causing the demons to release their captives who rush to take cover in the chaos. Bobby manages to take down one demon with devil's trap bullets from Rufus, but another demon dodges his fire by running along the wall and kicks the hunter to the ground where the demon and another one beat on him. Getting close to Sam, Mary tosses him the demon-killing knife before being attacked by a fourth demon who knocks Mary's gun out of her hands. Mary manages to stun the demon by smashing a glass over his head and then slamming his head into the bar twice, allowing Mary to stab the demon in the back with an angel blade, killing him.

Leaving Maggie behind the bar, Jack tries to rush to Bobby's aid, drawing one of the demons away from the older hunter. However, without his Nephilim powers, Jack proves to be no match for the demon in a fight and is easily beaten up on. Arming a nervous Maggie with an angel blade for self-defense, Mary attempts to rush to Bobby and Jack's aid, only to be tackled by the demon who had been disguised as the bartender. The bartender demon begins strangling Mary to death, with Mary unable to break her grip. Maggie kills the demon with the angel blade Mary gave her, but is attacked by one of the demons who had gone after Bobby while the last demon, who had not previously entered the battle, attacks Mary. Despite their best efforts, Jack, Mary and Maggie prove to be no match for the demons trying to kill them.

After receiving the knife, Sam looks around for Kipling who calls his move "smart" before throwing Sam into a wall with telekinesis. Sam fights Kipling who is much stronger and more than a match for Sam, ultimately disarming him of the demon-killing knife, pinning Sam to a table and apparently knocking the hunter unconscious with several blows to the face. With Sam apparently subdued, Kipling took a moment to appreciate the knife, only to have Sam suddenly rise up, grab Kipling's arm and shove the knife into the demon's chest, killing Kipling.

With Kipling dead, Sam turns his attention to the other demons and orders them to stop. Shocked by the death of their leader, the remaining demons let the hunters go and Sam announces that there will be no more Kings of Hell ever and any demon that wants the job will have to go through him. Terrified, the three demons left standing flee their vessels in smoke form, ending the battle.[2]


After the death of Kipling and Sam's proclamation, the position of Ruler of Hell is effectively abolished, leaving Hell and the demons leaderless.[2] Michael subsequently sees the demons as a non-factor in his plans to destroy the world[8] while the demons keep an eye on the location of the Winchester Family so that they can make sure they remain far away.[9]


  • During this battle, Sam uses the demon-killing knife in battle with demons for the first time since Season 12's Stuck in the Middle (With You). This is the first time the knife has been used by the Winchesters in combat since the Season 12 episode as the Winchesters instead relied on angel blades during Season 13.
  • This battle marks the unofficial end of the Winchesters' life-long conflict with Hell and demons in particular. In Damaged Goods, Nick notes that demons now go out of their way just to avoid meeting the Winchesters.
  • With the abolishment of the position of Ruler of Hell at the end of this battle, the demons are left with no leader for the first time in their entire history.
  • The events leading up to the battle are essentially a culmination of the Winchesters entire conflict with the demons due to Sam and Dean killing so many high-ranking demons, leaving Hell with no clear leader and Kipling with an opportunity to try to seize power.
  • During the battle, one demon is taken down by Bobby with devil's trap bullets. He is not amongst the demons to smoke out at the end and is presumably killed afterwards by the hunters.
  • This battle is the first time multiple low-level demons are shown to be able to overpower a single Seraphim through numbers and surprise.
  • It is unknown why Castiel couldn't tell that everyone in the restaurant were demons since angels can see demons true faces, something Castiel could do even when he had no memory of his true self in The Born-Again Identity.
  • After the initial capture of Castiel, four of the demons disappear without an explanation. Its possible Castiel managed to kill some before he was actually taken down or they were taken out off-screen by the hunters outside.


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