The Battle between Bartholomew and Malachi was a battle waged between angel factions led by the angels Bartholomew and Malachi.



Taking advantage of Castiel's desire to put his family back together, the Scribe of God, Metatron, convinced Castiel to help him with what was supposedly Trials to close the gates of Heaven. However, it was really a spell that caused the angels to Fall to Earth where they were trapped.[1][2]

Following the Fall, the angels began forming factions that mainly had the goal of retaking Heaven with their leader in charge. One such faction formed quickly under the leadership of Bartholomew and unsuccessfully hunted down Castiel.[3] However, other factions began to form and one was led by the anarchist Malachi who's faction started to come into conflict with Bartholomew's since the angels following Malachi wanted Malachi to rule Heaven rather than Bartholomew.[4]


As things heat up between the factions, angels possessing members of the Melody Ministry Glee Club and working for Malachi visit a roadhouse where ten angels from Bartholomew's Faction and possessing a biker gang are located. After a brief standoff, the angels from Malachi's Faction draw their angel blades and attack the biker angels. Malachi's angels slaughter the angels using the bikers as vessels and leave.

Two days after his angels killed Bartholomew's followers, Malachi calls for a top-level summit with Bartholomew himself, but is only met by Bartholomew's Assistant and two other angels. Malachi tells the other angels that the only way that they can retake Heaven from Metatron is to unite and wants Bartholomew to meet with him to discuss terms, explaining that his slaughter of the biker angels was due to him feeling that Bartholomew's "naked grab for power" was disrespectful. After Bartholomew's assistant informs Malachi that Bartholomew won't meet with him as he feels that Malachi is nothing more than a street thug, the leader of the Melody Ministry Glee Club angels and Malachi's henchman Theo kill the two bodyguard angels while Malachi himself kills Bartholomew's assistant.

In response, days later, angels loyal to Bartholomew ambush the angel possessing the leader of the Melody Ministry Glee Club as she preaches to a college Bible-study group on a camping trip in Utah, attempting to get vessels out of them for more of Malachi's angels. As the potential vessels prepare to let Malachi's angels in, the angels loyal to Bartholomew attack, killing the Melody Ministry Glee Club angel with an angel blade and then smiting the potential vessels to keep Malachi from using them.[4]


Following the battle, Bartholomew and Malachi's factions continue to clash, both wanting to rule Heaven for themselves. Eventually Bartholomew's men capture Castiel who kills Bartholomew in self-defense and ends the war.[5] Malachi is later killed by Gadreel on Metatron's orders when he refuses to join Metatron's side.[6]


  • Despite being the start of an angelic civil war that Castiel insists he has to be ready for, no further battles between the two factions are seen or mentioned.
  • While Bartholomew is seen once again when he briefly captures Castiel, Malachi is not seen or mentioned again besides Castiel telling the Winchesters about his death in King of the Damned.
  • When killing the potential vessels, Bartholomew's angels smite them. This is the first time this power is seen to be used to kill something other than a demon or a monster.


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