Bartholemew's Faction refers to a group of angels that served Naomi's protege Bartholomew. This group was a rival of Malachi's Faction.

Background[edit | edit source]

Season 9[edit | edit source]

Some time after Naomi's death at Metatron's hands, Bartholemew took over her angels and formed his own faction. Following falling from heaven they were initially limited in strength and number, with several of them encircling the planet without vessels. This group began to grow in size and strength after collaborating with human pastors and churchgoers. Using Buddy Boyle, they managed to gain vessels for their followers and recruit more. Setting up they began there activities while Bartholomew's assistant facilitated the search for Castiel, whom they believed was responsible for the fall of angels. Later on, they also began to focus on countering Malachi and his growing faction.

The faction involved the employment of several rouge Reapers, after Castiel warded himself. These however failed in capturing him.

Shortly afterwards, war between Malachi's faction and Bartholomew's faction broke out when Bartholomew refused to meet with Malachi. This led to a massacre of multiple members of the faction by Malachi's angels. The faction responded by killing multiple potential vessels and several of Malachi's followers.

Sometime later, they killed off their human partners by letting them possess angels even though Bartholomew knew they could not handle the angels' powers. Despite this, the faction's number steadily grew and they managed to control and tap into several databases and intelligence systems to track Metatron as the scribe vistited earth. They intended to locate the scribe, take their revenge and return to heaven.

They later destroyed the Penitents, who Bartholomew viewed as another growing faction and was thus a threat. They also finally succeeded in capturing Castiel. Several members of this faction had personal grudge or hate against Castiel. Bartholomew offered him a place working in the faction, but Castiel refused, unwilling to work with Bartholemew's brutal methods.

The faction was presumably disbanded, or was severely splintered and weakened after Castiel killed Bartholomew, and several of its members went to join Castiel.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This is one of three major factions formed after the angels were cast from Heaven. The others were Malachi's faction and the Penitents. They were all succeeded by Metatron and Castiel's factions.

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