These two unnamed angels were members of Bartholomew's Faction, who were assigned by Bartholomew to guard and escort Bartholomew's assistant. However the angels were killed when thing had heated up during the meeting of Bartholomew's assistant and Malachi.


Following the slaughter of Bartholomew's angels, Malachi called for a high-level meeting between himself and Bartholomew and brought the glee club angel as a bodyguard along with Theo. After Bartholomew's assistant insults Malachi by saying how Bartholomew didn't have time for Malachi, referring to the latter as a 'street thug'. Angered, Malachi has the glee club angel and Theo kill the two bodyguards of Bartholomew's assistant while Malachi kills the assistant himself to send a message to Bartholomew. The death of Bartholomew's assistant and her bodyguards start a battle between Bartholomew's Faction and Malachi's Faction.

Later, Bartholomew's faction retaliates to the killings of Bartholomew's assistant and her guards by killing the glee club angel and nine potential vessels for Malachi's Faction.

Powers and Abilities

These two unnamed angels appeared to be regular low-ranking angels with the abilities of such.


  • Angel Blades - These two angels were killed by angels blades.


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