Barthamus' bones were the bones belonging to the Crossroad Demon Barthamus when he was human.


After Barthamus allows his son to die of drowning despite their deal, Luther Shrike manages to track down Barthamus' human bones to use as leverage against the Crossroad Demon. After being dragged to Hell by hellhounds, Luther uses Barthamus' bones to force Barthamus to resurrect him and to grant Luther immortality within his property.

Following his return to Earth, Luther locks the bones in a vault with sophisticated protections to prevent Barthamus from retrieving them. Luther holds the bones as blackmail over Barthamus for the next two hundred years, ensuring his own survival.

In 2017, now the King of the Crossroads, Barthamus offers to trade the Winchesters a Nephilim tracking spell in exchange for the trunk containing his bones, though Barthamus doesn't tell the Winchesters what the trunk contains. Accompanied by Grab and Alice, the Winchesters are able to break into Luther's vault and steal back Barthamus' bones.

After a brief chase, Luther is stopped by the Winchesters outside of his property and Luther reveals what Barthamus did to him and his son. Luther hands over the key to the trunk containing the bones and Sam opens it. Luther explains that the bones belong to Barthamus and that burning them will kill Barthamus. Luther is killed moments later by Barthamus.

Following Luther's death, Barthamus attempts to trade his bones for the spell. However, deeply sympathetic with Luther and his son and disgusted at Barthamus' actions, the Winchesters refuse. Barthamus uses Alice as a hostage to force the Winchesters to turn over his bones, but Dean leaves his lighter on top of the bones and signals Alice to what he has done. As she collects the bones for Barthamus, Alice uses Dean's lighter to set the bones on fire. Burning Barthamus' bones incinerates Barthamus and his vessel, killing the Crossroad Demon but also destroying the spell.



  • It is unknown how Luther Shrike managed to threaten Barthamus' bones from Hell to force him to renegotiate. Presumably Luther used a third party on Earth to threaten the bones while he was in Hell.
  • Barthamus' bones being burned are the second time that a demon's human remains have been burned to kill them. In Weekend at Bobby's, Bobby Singer burned a Crossroad Demon's bones in the same manner to kill her.
  • Luther Shrike used the bones for the same sort of leverage as Bobby used Crowley's bones: to force the demon in question to renegotiate their deal.
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