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It belongs to Bart Kemp. See, he was a friend of ours, a hunter. Worked out of Boston up until last week. Somebody killed him, cut him clean in half.
Dean confronts Bart's killer.
in Lebanon

Bart Kemp was a hunter based out of Boston who was friends with Sam and Dean Winchester.


Bart was a hunter working out of Boston who was friends with Sam and Dean Winchester. He owned several occult objects, including the skull of Sarah Good who was killed during the Salem Witch Trials.

At the end of January, beginning of February 2019, Bart was murdered by Terry for his collection. Utilizing the sword Chrysayor, Terry cut Bart in half with just one swing and robbed his home before the police could arrive.

Around a week after Bart's murder, the Winchesters managed to track down his killer and tricked him into revealing Sarah Good's skull, pretending to be perspective buyers. After getting the confirmation that Terry was Bart's killer, the Winchesters revealed that they were friends with Bart. In the fight that followed, Terry tried to slice Sam in half the same way he had Bart, but was shot dead instead by Dean, avenging Bart's brutal murder.