Barry Papazian was the blind knife thrower for Cooper Carnival, and served as the disguise for a rakshasa.


Sam and Dean are trying to figure out what is causing a string of murders in Medford, Wisconsin, that seem to be connected to a clown that appears to small children and then murders their parents. They decide to investigate the circus where the clown appears. Papazian is the first person they approach about finding Mr. Cooper, the carnival's proprietor. He is a blind knife-thrower and is immediately suspicious of them as outsiders.

Sam and Dean learn they are dealing with a rakshasa, and also how to kill it - with a blade made of brass. They suspect Mr. Cooper of being the rakshasa. Sam goes to Mr. Cooper's office to confirm their suspicions, while Dean heads to Papazian's to try and procure a dagger made of pure brass. Papazian soon reveals himself as the rakshasa to Dean, and tries to kill him. While Sam and Dean get trapped in the funhouse, Sam is able to remove a brass pipe from the pipe organ and fatally stab Papazian, causing the body to disappear, leaving only his clothes.

Powers and Abilities Edit

He was fairly powerful, able to tear humans apart with little difficulty.

  • Shapeshifting - He could take on any form at will.
  • Super Strength - He was strong enough to tear apart adult humans with minimal difficulty.
  • Invisibility - Barry was able to make himself invisible at will.
  • Super Speed - Barry possesses great speed, he moves fast enough to appear as a mist-like blur.
  • Invulnerability - He could only be killed by brass.
  • Super Senses - He possessed incredible hearing, he was able to hear Dean's entire conversation despite being out of range of human hearing.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Brass - He was killed by being stabbed with a brass organ pipe from the fun-house.
  • Invitation - He could not enter a home without first being invited in. It appears that doesn't includes mobile homes (such as caravans) and public buildings.


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