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Barry was a 16-years old runaway-turned-cult member featured in Supernatural: Joyride. After his death, he became the part of The Shadow People. However, he was unusual, as he never attacked people and eventually became an ally of the Winchesters and Team Rebels near to the end of the crisis.


Barry was a 16-years old runaway teenager from an unknown town in United States. Fleeing from his troubled family, Barry eventually made his way to Commune Ranch operated by Free Folks of the Fields. Around that time, he also come with some runaways and juvenile delinquents. Unlike others, he was not so interested with religious teachings delivered by the founder Caleb Fells. He was more interested in helping the community by growing foods for the community like soybean, corn, sorghum, and vegetables. However, with the rapid expansion of cult members at that time, the amount of food they grew eventually wasn't enough to feed all of them.

Barry eventually learned that the cult was adding illegal operations as part of cult activity to make additional revenues like selling drugs and smuggling, aside from legal activity like selling souvenirs and merchandises. The cult also responsible for selling drugs to tourists that visit Moyer and out-of towners. In peak season, it was easy. But, when off-season, the cult sold it to the town folk, keeping the steady income for the cult. When finally the Pangento company opened their factory short time later and spilling toxic wastes to nearby Lake Delsea and ruined the town tourism, the cult become more desperate to do anything to keep their income.

One day, Barry met Bonnie Lassiter. He was so close to her, to the point that they are loving each other or become crush. The relationship later found out by Caleb. Caleb, with his approach, eventually made Barry changed, he become more frightened.

It was unknown happened later to him. However, Barry's body later found by police in aftermath of mass murder-suicide along several "troubled" members from the cult in underground detention chambers on the ranch. Sam later revealed from the police report that they found drug in the system of victims, indicating that they are drugged to death before exploded by Caleb.

Supernatural: Joyride[]

Barry, like others shadow people, awakened in 2017, when Yates family rebuilt the ranch that was the Commune ranch of the Free Folks of the Fields. Unlike others, he was not hostile towards people, he was protecting them instead. Addison Yates and Ethan Yates eventually befriended him. He also protecting them by possessing Daniel Yates when Caleb possessed him and tried to murder his family. However, Barry power was not enough to expel Caleb as Caleb much stronger tham him. Barry later found out his long time crush in the town, Bonnie, and saved her from attempted arson perperated by a spirit-possessed mob.

Barry later revealed to her, what happened to her. Eventually, Barry possessed Bonnie and helped The Winchester and others by enlisting some defected shadow people, forming Team Rebel to end the crisis.

After realizing that the source of The Shadow People was in Yates' ranch, the Team Rebel, consisted by Sam, Dean, Officer Tom Gruber, and Bonnie Lassiter, come to the ranch to save the Yates and destroy the shadow peoples lair. Helped by defected shadow Barry (possessing Bonnie Lassiter), they eventually able to locate Caleb in Daniel body. At the time of discovery, Caleb was cornered but succesfully wounded Officer Gruber and grabbed Ethan with butcher knife, threatening to split him, making Sam and Dean in deadlock condition, as Sam hold iron rounds filled shotgun, while Dean only armed with rock salt rounds, potentially injuring or killing them both.

Barry depossessed Bonnie and possessed Daniel's body. Inside Daniel's body, he demanded his former leader to stop and let go everything. However, Caleb refused. They later brawled inside Daniel's body, gutted Daniel's body and nearly splitting it. Barry later won the brawl and kept suppressing Caleb's spirit. Barry later ordered the Winchesters to burn the house, as it tethered the Shadow People to the world. As Daniel's body began to rupture due to overstraining, Sam later tossed taser to Dean, signalling Dean to change weapon and tased Daniel. When two spirits vacated, Sam turned his blacklight and radiated both Caleb and Barry spirit, destroying both for good.

Powers and Abilities[]

As Shadow People, Barry was quite powerful ghost with some unique abilities developed, although not so powerful as Caleb. After rekindle his feeling to his long time crush and determined to save Ethan, he was powerful enough to restrain stronger spirit like Caleb.

  • Invisibility - As ghost, Barry was naturally invisible, except he wanted to show himself.
  • Intangibility - As ghost, Barry was naturally intangible, except he wanted to do it. In normal condition, he was shapeless but stil maintained humanoid figure. When he wanted, he could fully manifest to more human form resembling his appearance prior death, but still retained all-black color. Combined with his shapeshifting, he can slipped through a gap in the windowsill and disappeared.
  • Shapeshifting - As Shadow People, Barry are capable to shapeshift.
  • Possession - In order to walk on earth, Barry require vessel.
  • Enhanced Resilience - Barry was resilient with any harm. The trait also passed to the vessel that he possessed.
  • Power Augmentation - Barry's possession effect also augment the vessel physical capabilities. He could augment his crush, now 60s-year old Bonnie, to can cope with younger people like Sam and Dean. When he depossessed his vessel, it also revoke the enhancement, and may give negative effect to his vessel.
  • Power Restraining (through emotional enhancement) - After rekindle his feeling to his crush and promised to protect Ethan, Barry's own spirit power enhanced to be more powerful enough to restrain Caleb control over Daniel's body.


He shared common weaknesses of ghosts and The Shadow People

  • Overstraining - If there is a spirit that strong enough to able to challenge his influence over a vessel, he could be restrained. In first, when wrestle over Daniel' body, Caleb successfully expelled him. In second time, he could restrain Caleb and supressed him. However, prolonged overstraining can seriously harmed his vessel to the point the vessel began to rupture.
  • Electrocution - Electrocution with taser could expel them from their vessel, as well "killing" them. Dean was able to expel him out of vessel by tased him in possessed vessel.
  • UV-A Light from a Blacklight - UV-A light exposure could expel them from their vessel, as well "killing" them. Sam destroyed his spirit using blacklight mounted in his shotgun.