This unnamed demon worked for Abaddon in the war between her and Crowley.


Season 9Edit

In First Born, as Dean Winchester and Crowley meet in a bar, this demon secretly observes the meeting. The demon follows them from a distance until after they meet with the hunter Tara. Once Dean and Crowley are gone, the demon enters Tara's pawn shop where she is able to sense that he is a demon. Seeing that her devil's trap is still broken from when she released Crowley, Tara fires a shotgun at him, blowing part of the right side of his face off. However, the demon is unaffected and brutally tortures Tara to death. Before killing Tara, the demon learns the location that Dean and Crowley went to.

Reaching Cain's house, the demon is amused to realize what Dean and Crowley found and makes a phone call, asking for the demon on the other end to send him backup in the form of "everybody." After five more demons arrive, he calls out to the group in the house that Tara got "downright chatty" before he peeled her face off and states to Cain that they don't want any trouble, just Crowley and Dean as he has a new master to impress and he figures getting Dean and Crowley will do that for him. Later, after Cain lifts the spell preventing the demons from entering, this demon enters with three others. One engages Crowley and is quickly killed while this demon and the other two fight Dean. After a brief scuffle, Dean manages to kill this demon with the demon-killing knife to his chest before killing the other two.

After leaving Cain's house, Dean confronts Crowley, having realized that he knew the demon was at the bar and that he was following them. Its revealed that Crowley allowed the demon to follow them to Cain's house so Cain could test Dean's fighting abilities and he would give Dean the Mark of Cain.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

This demon appeared to be a regular low-level demon with the powers of one.

  • Demonic Possession - As a demon, he needed a vessel to walk the Earth.
  • Immortality - As a demon, he would never age or die unless killed.
  • Invulnerability - As a demon he was invulnerable to normal methods of harm. He got part of his face blown off with a shotgun blast and suffered no ill effects nor did he seem to be bothered by the injury.
  • Super Strength - He was able to defeat Tara and peel her face off. However, while he's stronger than most humans, he didn't seem to be stronger than a physically powerful human like Dean Winchester as Dean overpowered and killed him fairly easily.


  • Holy Water - As a regular low-level demon, he could be hurt by holy water.
  • Exorcism - As a regular low-level demon, he could be exorcised.
  • Devil's Trap - Like all demons, he could be bound by a devil's trap.
  • Higher-Tier demons - As a low-level demon, he was subservient to and weaker than higher level demons.
  • Demon-killing knife - As a low-level demon, he could be killed with the knife.
  • The Colt - Can kill demons
  • Angel Blades - Can kill at least most demons.
  • The First Blade - It can kill demons.
  • Death's Scythe - It can kill anything in existence.


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