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These four unnamed demons served the Prince of Hell Asmodeus.


As Asmodeus attempts to sense Jack's location, he is interrupted by one of the demons who informs him that there is no news on where Jack is. Though Asmodeus suspects that the Winchesters are doing "a masterful job" of cloaking Jack's presence, the demon informs him that they have a hunter on the payroll who says that the Winchesters don't know where Jack is either. Asmodeus is left wondering where Jack is if the Winchesters don't have him.

Later, the four demons help Asmodeus torture a motel clerk who saw the Winchesters and Jack in Dodge City, Kansas. After the clerk tells Asmodeus what little he knows, the female demon kills the clerk. One of the demons becomes worried when Asmodeus begins acting strangely, causing Asmodeus to explain that he is sensing a powerful force that is not Jack.

When Asmodeus goes to Nick's Bar where Lucifer and Castiel are located, the demons accompany him and take up guarding positions. Although Asmodeus attacks Lucifer, the demons do not help the weakened archangel as they are now completely loyal to Asmodeus.

After Asmodeus leaves with the two rogue angels, the four demons remain behind in Nick's Bar. Shortly afterwards, the Winchesters arrive and search the abandoned and darkened bar for Castiel, finding no sign of him. Suddenly, the female demon attacks with an angel blade, sending his gun flying. Dean briefly struggles with the demon before throwing her across the bar room floor, momentarily stunning her when the demon hits the pool table. As Sam goes to investigate, two of the male demons drop down from the celling behind him and Sam shoots one twice, momentarily stunning him. The other demon attacks Sam, knocking his gun from his hand as Dean draws his own angel blade to fight the last male demon. After a brief fight, Dean stabs the demon in the leg, stunning him long enough for Dean to kill the demon with a stab to the heart.

As Sam continues to fight the two remaining male demons, he manages to throw one across the bar and Dean takes him on, but is quickly overpowered and strangled by the demon from behind. After a fight, Sam manages to kill the male demon he is fighting with an angel blade to the abdomen, but is kicked to the ground by the female demon as she recovers and vicously lashes out at him with blows from her angel blade. As the female demon moves to stab Sam with her angel blade, she is suddenly attacked by Arthur Ketch, armed with an angel blade of his own. The surprise of Arthur's attack allows Dean to break free and kill the remaining male demon with his angel blade while Arthur overpowers the female demon and kills her with an angel blade to the heart.

In the aftermath of the demon fight, Dean realizes that his suspicion of Arthur's true identity is correct as he recognizes the fighting style Arthur used while killing the female demon from their own fight.

Powers and Abilities[]

They appeared to be regular low-level demons with all the powers of ones.

  • Demonic Possession - As demons, they needed vessels to walk the Earth.
  • Immortality - As demons, they would never age or die unless killed.
  • Invulnerability - As demons, they were invulnerable to normal methods of harm. Being shot by Sam Winchester only stunned one of the demons for a moment while hitting her head on a pool table only briefly stunned another as well.
  • Super Strength - As demons, they were stronger than most monsters and humans. In a fight, the demons proved to be a match for the Winchesters, throwing them around and nearly killing both hunters were it not for the intervention of Arthur Ketch.


They possessed the regular weaknesses of demons.

  • Higher-Tier Demons - They were weaker than and subservient to higher-level demons such as the Prince of Hell Asmodeus.
  • Angel Blades - Like most demons, they could be killed with an angel blade.